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Dr. Sam Jejurikar’s Stellar Reputation as a Dallas Aesthetic Surgeon

If you are wondering what Dallas, Texas has to offer when it comes to expert plastic surgeons, then you will likely be interested in learning more about Dr. Sam Jejurikar and his career history. Honing his craft was something that Mr. Jejurikar took very seriously, and he has made his two decades as an aesthetic surgeon about as productive as anyone could have. It is not only about the improvements he makes to his patients in a physical sense, however. Dr. Jejurikar also makes a conscious effort to learn about the specific needs of each client and address those needs to the best of his abilities.

The certified surgeon was, in 2012, the recipient of a great honor within the medical industry. An award known as the Compassionate Doctor Award was given to Dr. Sam Jejurikar, and added further reinforcement to his spotless reputation. In order for a doctor to be honored with the Compassionate Doctor Award, the individual must receive a number of high ratings and positive votes from his or her patients. The American Registry of Business is another organization that gave Dr Sam Jejurikar some well-deserved recognition for the amazing work that he has done over the course of his aesthetic surgery career.

Butt lifts, butt implants, facial modifications and breast augmentations are the main focuses of his practice, and is one of the most experienced cosmetic surgery professionals that the United States has to offer. Residents of Dallas, Texas are in a very fortunate position to have this type of doctor so close to home, although Dr. Sam Jejurikar’s patients are not just located in his own state. They also come from other states because he is such a highly sought-after individual within his field.

Flavio Maluf Has Been A Hard Worker All His Life:

Eucatex Chief Executive and Grandfood President Flavio Maluf is an intriguing figure in the world of business and one who has really made a significant name for himself on the Brazilian business scene. Born into a family with strong ties in politics and business, Flavio Maluf learned the meaning of hard work from an early age and it greatly assisted in helping him to become the business leader that he is today. Despite attaining a degree in mechanical engineering, Flavio Maluf felt the call of the entrepreneurial world and chose to continue his family’s tradition by taking over the families business operations. Read more about Flavio Maluf on Crunchbase

Flavio Maluf is not one to shy away from giving good advice to up and coming entrepreneurs and one of the major pieces of advice that he does impart is the fact that running your own business is an all-encompassing endeavour. Anyone who enters into business for themselves can plan to work long hours in order to make their business grow and succeed. None the less, Flavio Maluf sincerely encourages entrepreneurship and even counsels up and comers that there are ways to start an effective and profitable business without a huge amount of initial startup capital in place.

In a recent statement, Flavio Maluf has recently given a report on where the agribusiness of Brazil currently stands. He makes a point to note in this report that compared to the numbers from the same time a year ago, agribusiness numbers decreased by 0.7 percent. According to Flavio Maluf, recent years have seen China as a major destination for exports from Brazil. These exports consist largely of soybeans. Cellulose is also another major export. Overall Flavio Maluf emphasizes the importance of developing the Brazilian agricultural sector so that food supply for the country can be produced alongside a surplus that can then be exported.

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How Guilherme Paulus Built Two Thriving Businesses Based In Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo’s Guilherme Paulus has spent five decades in the tourism business and three decades as a hotelier. The first company he started is CVC Tours which now generates annual revenues of $5.2 billion. He also owns and is the chairman of the board of GJP Hotels & Resorts where he employs over 5,000 people. He sold some of his interest in CVC Tours to Carlyle Group in 2009 but still maintains an 8 percent interest in it.

At CVC Tours, Guilherme Paulus grew his company in part by establishing relationships with other businesses around the world. He partnered with airlines, hotels, and other tourism-related companies. He has been recognized by a number of foreign governments including France. The government of Brazil has also recognized him with numerous awards and the magazine Modern Consumer gave him their prestigious “Revolutionary Consumer Relations” award.

His hospitality business is split up into three distinct brands. The Wish brand consists of five-star hotels and resorts, the Prodigy brand is four-stars, and the Linx brand consists of three-star hotels. These hotels and resorts are located in the hottest places to visit in Brazil such as Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Foz do Iguacu, and Sao Paulo.

Guilherme Paulus says one of his favorite places to visit in Brazil is the city of Natal. This city is an amazing beachfront town located on in the northeast area of Brazil. The area was first seen by Americo Vespucci in 1501. The name Natal is Portuguese for Christmas and it was named this because it was founded in 1599 on Christmas Day.

He says a really fun thing to do in Natal is to go to the Dunas de Genipabu and gon on a dune buggy drive. This is an eco-park with many different types of things to explore. Guilherme Paulus enjoys three beaches in particular which are Pipa, Genipabu, and Ponta Negra. He says that in addition to lying on the beach there are also plenty of watersports to engage in.

While visiting this city he says his hotel there, Wish Natal, has luxurious accommodations as it is a five-star hotel.

Upwork  Fueling Your Dream of Becoming a Successful Freelancer

Upwork is an online platform for freelancers and clients to connect and interact. In the globally changing work environment, more and more people prefer to work remotely and in a freelancer’s mode. As there is plenty of work available in the market for the skilled professionals, people prefer to work for themselves rather than for a company for a fixed pay. As exciting as it may sound, some challenges come as a freelancer that needs to be dealt with. One of the biggest challenges is to get a constant flow of work. Not many freelancers start off on the right note and get suited with the freelancers’ life immediately. There are tons of issues that you need to clear and understand to gain success as a freelancer.

Upwork is a platform that offers an ample amount of opportunity for the freelancers to grow and fulfill their dreams. If you are one of those, who is looking to build a career as a freelancer, rest assured you would get the work associated with your skills at Upwork. With over five million registered clients at Upwork, you can be sure that you would never be out of work if you deserve. However, there are specific tips you need to keep in mind as a freelancer to stay disciplined and organized. The first principle is always to have a to-do list handy to know what the projects that are pending are and if the deadline for any project is approaching. Having a to-do list ensures that you are always on the right track and not missing out on any important task.

Upwork says that having a to-do list for freelancers is a must as there is no boss and no fixed work routine, it becomes difficult for the people to stay organized. However, with the help of a to-do list, you would always be on your toes and know the amount of work left. There are tons of electronic apps available these days that can be used as well to maintain a to-do list. It would provide you reminders and have a host of other features that would help you stay organized as a freelancer and a skilled professional.

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Upwork  Right Place to Fulfill Your Dreams as a Freelancer

There are millions of people across the globe today who are leaving their full-time jobs to become freelancers. The good thing about the current job market is that the culture of freelancers is highly promoted and encouraged. Many companies also prefer to hire freelancers and skilled professionals for their work as it proves to be highly efficient as well as affordable. If you want to achieve success as a freelancer and want to get a consistent flow of work from a registered and reliable source, then registering at Upwork is a must. It is one of the largest online platforms where there are more than five million registered and verified clients.

Tons of projects of various niches are posted on Upwork, and you can bid on the projects that are of your liking. Send proposals to the clients, and if they accept, you will get the work. Once you have the plan, impress the clients with your work, and you would then probably get a regular flow of work. With time, you would start getting a consistent flow of work from your clients. It would help you earn a considerable amount of money on a regular basis and ensure that you do not have to struggle. However, as a freelancer, one of the most important things you need to do is to maintain a work routine and schedule. If you are not organized, it would be difficult for you to take care of the many projects you are handling and complete them within the said schedule.

The ideal solution to this is to have a to-do list that you regularly update, preferably at night daily. It would ensure that you do not have to spend valuable time in the morning to go through the pending work and make a routine. Also, if you have a to-do list, attach deadlines to each of the tasks. It would ensure that you know which task is lagging behind and which important work needs to be completed immediately. Having a to-do list can make much difference in your professional life as a freelancer and would also help you earn a generous income regularly.

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Try The Freedom Checks

When you are ready to invest, you will want to consider the opportunities that you will have for making money with Freedom Checks. The Freedom Checks will give you a high return for your money, which is different than the Trump Checks.

Why Are Freedom Checks Different Than Trump Checks?

The Freedom Checks offer high returns, whereas, the Trump Checks also require an investment, but the returns are smaller. A man named Matt Badalia has done his research on the checks from Freedom. Since he is experienced in the financial industry, he has a lot of background to share with others about how to make money from investing. His video that deals specifically with checks from Freedom has given many people the ability to get the money that they want from their investments. The video has gone viral because it is so informative.

Are You Ready To Invest?

Do you have some money that you want to invest? Make sure that you will not need this money for necessities. You will want to have a budget made out so that you can afford to use this money by getting into the checks by Freedom.

Keep Good Records

You will want to make sure that you keep good records. Many people jot down their information in a notebook or on paper. They store it in a folder that is labeled well and kept somewhere that can be found easily. You will need to refer to this information from time to time. Make the most of your investments. Tell other people what you have been able to do with the checks from Freedom so that they can also benefit from it. They will be able to do more with the money that they make when they invest with the checks by Freedom.

Gareth Henry Is The Chosen One

The Institutional Investor chose Gareth Henry as their “Rising Star” for the year of 2011 at the Institutional Investor’s 9th Annual Hedge Fund Industry Awards. Gareth Henry was chosen as the “Rising Star” principally because of his many accomplishments in the investment industry and his significant contributions thereto. These past accomplishments and contributions of Gareth’s has operated to distinguish him from his colleagues in the hedge fund industry and has placed him in a comparatively excellent position to make the transition from a professional investor to a future leader in the industry.

Gareth Henry attended the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and the Heriot Watt University and acquired an actuarial degree and a first-class honors degree from the universities, respectively. Gareth also is a proud fellow in the Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in UK and the Fellow of Society of Actuaries in the USA. In the year of 2007, when Gareth Henry first dedicated his professional efforts to the Fortress Investment Group as a managing director, his responsibilities centered around raising capital and creating client relationships in various foreign markets (such as those of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa). But at some point in his professional career at the Fortress Investment Group LLC, his responsibilities changed to that of leading global marketing efforts and investor relations initiatives for Fortress Investment Group’s Fortress Liquid Markets.

On the same night that Gareth Henry was chosen as the Institutional Investor’s “Rising Star,” the Fortress Investment Group itself was awarded with the “Credit-Focused Hedge Fund Firm of the Year” award. The Fortress Investment Group was designated the “Credit-Focused Hedge Fund Firm of the Year” for distinguishing itself from its competitors in several measures of excellence in the year of 2010. Fortress Investment Group’s stock (FIG) trades in the New York Stock Exchange. The Fortress Investment Group is an alternative asset manager firm that was founded in 1998 with the specific design of providing investors with various types of alternative and traditional investment products. As of the Institutional Investor’s 9th Annual Hedge Fund Industry Awards, Fortress Investment Group manages an estimate of $43.1 billion in assets for its investor clients.

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How Fortress Investment Group Has Become a Trendsetter under the Intelligent Leadership of Wes Edens

How Fortress Investment Group Has Become a Trendsetter under the Intelligent Leadership of Wes Edens

Fortress Investment Group has remained a pacesetter since its formation in 1998. For instance, it became the first big private equity company to sell its shares publicly in 2007. Currently, Fortress is a dynamic investment management company in charge of assets worth over $43 billion for more than 1,750 investors in hedge funds, private equity, as well as permanent capital vehicles. This New York-based investment management firm employs more than 900 individuals. Its three principals include Edens and Randal Nardone who live in New York and Peter Briger who resides in San Francisco.

Fortress’ Main Areas of Expertise

  • Asset-based Investments: They consist of capital, financial vehicles, and real estate investments that generate long-term cash flow. Fortress has exceptional expertise in pricing, holding, financing, and overseeing both physical and financial investments.
  • Operations Management: in this area, the company has created strong tools for maximizing value in the highly complex investments it makes. As far as managing its portfolio is involved, Fortress has an unparalleled expertise in evaluating operational, organizational, and strategic facts.

Wes Edens Involvement in Aston Villa Acquisition

Aston Villa has signed a partnership deal with two well-respected investors, Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris. These two businessmen will make a huge investment in the club in a bid to help the team reclaim its lost glory. Dr Tony Xia announced the partnership deal and thanked the two investors for believing in the club.

Brief Details on Wes Edens

Wes Edens is a self-made American billionaire, private equity investor, intelligent entrepreneur, and owner of sports teams. He partnered with other four principals to create a private equity firm called Fortress Investment Group. Wen is the brains behind New Fortress Energy. He boasts a strong sports investment portfolio, owning and co-owning globally known teams. For instance, he is one of the major shareholders in Milwaukee Bucks, a NBA franchise in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has also made serious cash investment in Aston Villa Club. Edens also owns a professional video game team called FlyQuest. His academic competencies are in financial matters and business administration. Edens is an ardent mountain climber and horse jumper.


GoBuySide Recruitment Specialists in the Vast Financial Industry

No company can be successful without their employees. Thus, hiring the best talent is essential and with the right skills that can take your company forward. But, most companies do not want to spend too much time on the entire recruiting process as it can take weeks before they find one on their own. Thus, most of the top financial companies opt for a recruitment company who can help them find the best possible candidates and that too fast. With so many different companies around, financial companies need to ensure that they pick the best company who will be able to meet their unique requirements.

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Having recruitment professionals taking care of your company’s recruitment can help you find the right talent. In the world of finance, the traditional method of recruitment and staffing can be really daunting and the results disappointing. It is to fill this gap that GoBuySide came into existence. It is one of the most advanced recruitment and staffing platform with a global presence. Serving more than four hundred clients and presence in more than five hundred cities worldwide, GoBuySide has its outreach in over 10,000 firms across the globe. The global presence of GoBuySide is what has helped the firm to search for the right talent from around the world. To know more about the company click here.

One of the reasons why GoBuySide has been able to provide high-level recruitment solutions to its clients in a personalized manner is because it uses proprietary technology. The integration of technology has helped GoBuySide to provide clients with the recruitment solution that would help them find the right talent without any worries. Many companies are unable to improve their performance or stay productive. It is for this reason finding the right talent is important for your firm. GoBuySide would help you find the right executives for the open position from across the globe.

Betsy DeVos and Lifelong Learning

Betsy DeVos is without a doubt a gentle soul. That’s not to say that she’s a lady who kicks back and allows others to do the tough work. She’s actually someone who likes to get her feet wet. She’s not a distant or aloof person at all. She’s had a fascinating existence so far. It hasn’t made her detached from society at all, though. She still manages to empathize with members of the general public. Her ability to comprehend how other people feel is practically mythical. DeVos is Dick DeVos’ husband. Dick is a widely known American businessman who has been a major player in the Midwestern part of the nation for ages. He’s taken part in so many political and social efforts in the region as well.


Betsy DeVos is delighted to tell the world that she’s the Secretary of Education for the nation that makes her feel pride. President Donald Trump’s administration wouldn’t be the same without her. She’s a woman who has made a big impact on the political scene in the United States. People who hear about her actions never forget her. People who witness her actions with their own eyes don’t forget her, either. How could they? It’s not easy to find someone who has her degree of determination and tenacity. Although her characteristics are rare, her husband shares many of them. He’s a lot like her in that surrendering is simply out of the question.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been close to DeVos’ mind since 1989 or so. It’s been close to her husband’s since that time as well. This is a group that devotes itself to a broad range of major social concerns. It gives a lot of time to social matters in America. It gives a lot of time to cultural and artistic endeavors as well. Dick and Betsy know all too well how invaluable art in the nation is. They want to do what they can to foster its expansion.


Betsy DeVos wants school choice to be a topic that all Americans understand. She knows that there are many young students in the country who can’t go to schools that make sense for their wishes. Students who come from households that lack money often have to attend schools that are designated for their neighborhoods. DeVos finds that concept 100 percent unbearable. She commits a lot of time to changing it for society as well.


DeVos’ husband is the man who made The West Michigan Aviation Academy a stunning reality for many young people located in Michigan. It’s a trusted charter school that’s situated at Grand Rapid’s airport. Its students are eager to learn all about aviation topics.


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