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A Look Back At The Start of Brown Modeling Agency

Everything in the world has a start or comes from an inception. When it comes to the modeling industry, there are more than enough modeling agencies that get caught-up in the shuffle. In order to survive in this specific field of work, individuals will definitely need to have thick skin and ambition. Did you know that the affluent Brown Modeling Agency was started over eight years ago? At that point in time, the agency of today was just a sliver of hope that came in the form of Wilhelmina Austin. Wilhelmina Austin, an Austin-based agency, received a prominent segment for a local news station in 2010, and this segment showed the world what Wilhelmina Austin was made of.


Reporters with “News 8” in Austin, Texas, got a chance to meet some of the agency’s scouts and agents. The program displayed images of the models, spoke directly with industry personnel and viewed the reactions of the general public. One of the most vital pieces of the segment was talking with Linda Asaf. Asaf is a popular fashion designer, and she played a huge role in the grand-opening of Wilhelmina Austin. Asaf’s women’s collection was a big hit with the viewers as it displayed many unique clothing trends for that specific time. On another note, “News 8” spoke with Justin Brown, an agent for Wilhelmina Austin. For more details visit Crunchbase.


In today’s time, Justin Brown is now the head of Brown Modeling Agency. This particular company is known as a full-service agency because it hosts talent and models. Brown Modeling Agency can cover a wide range of sectors such as runway, catalog, voiceover, fashion, film, television, industrial video, conferences and many more. Thanks to its huge success, the agency has sent some of its models to perform at New York Fashion Week and has sent its models to walk the stage at Miami Swim Week.