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Academy Of Art University’s Avengers: Infinity War to Hit Home

By now, the majority of people who are going to see Avengers: Infinity War has seen it. It is getting ready to be released on home formats. The movie is first going to be available for streaming then physical formats. It has shatter plenty of records in its theatrical run. It is considered the best Marvel film as of yet with Avengers 4 to be released on May of 2019. Everything has worked together well enough to bring audiences an immersive experience that would stay with them for a long time. All of the elements of the movie have come together well.

One element that worked well in telling the story is the visual effects. The team behind the visual effects is led by Jan Philip Cramer. He is the leader of Digital Domain which has over seen all of the visual effects of this Marvel film. He has taken everything he has learned from Academy of Art University and has even come up with some of his own techniques in order to bring the action to life. Among the notable sequences in Infinity War is the big fight between the Avengers and Thanos on the Titan planet.

This big Marvel film was a lot more than a big action spectacle. It told a rather compelling and human story where it showed not only a clash of characters but a clash of philosophies as well. Even though Thanos is a villain for what he does in the film, he has intentions and even examples that are strangely understandable. The animation team headed by Academy of Art University’s Cramer has helped to bring that story to life for the audience so that they can be caught up in the key moments of the film. Soon, people will be able to take the event home.