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Altium Capital’s Jacob Gottlieb Excited About Future Investment Opportunities

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the healthcare investment industry today. Healthcare investor Jacob Gottlieb recently announced new plans for his venture, Altium Capital, a healthcare focused investment fund. Gottlieb tries to find companies that will help create significant advances in the health and medical industry.

Initial Investments

Sellas Life Sciences

Altium now has a 10% stake in Sellas Life Sciences. Sellas Life Sciences is a pharmaceutical company that has created unique technology that could potentially enhance treatments for cancer patients. Sellas Life focuses on the development of cancer immune therapies that may help locate the presence of cancer in patients.


Headquartered in Ireland, Amarin is an emerging pharmaceutical company that focuses on developing medications for cardiovascular health. Amarin also looks at the benefits of using fatty acids.

Oramed Pharmaceuticals

Based out of Jerusalem, Oramed has created an oral insulin capsule for diabetes patients who would rely on insulin through an injection. The oral insulin capsule is considered a real breakthrough in the industry. The capsule is also considered more affordable for patients. Oramed consults with different scientific experts and leaders from around the World. Gottlieb is confident that Oramed’s oral insulin capsule will help save the lives of millions of people throughout the World.


Oragenics strives to replace harmful bacteria to help people achieve a positive result. Oragenics is developing proprietary technology to help fight infectious diseases. Oragenics primarily helps people who are dealing with issues concerning their throat and esophagus.

Other Projects

In addition to Altium Capital, Gottlieb has a number of different philanthropic interests. Gottlieb supports organizations that help provide financial assistance to undeserved communities. Gottlieb supports different organizations in the New York City area that provide educational opportunities to children to help them succeed. Gottlieb supports The Robin Hood Foundation and The East Harlem Tutorial Program, among others.