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Ashley Brasier Biography

Ashley Brasier is currently working with Lightspeed Ventures and previously had two post job positions including Thumbtack as Category Manager.

At her early age, Ashley had a dream of becoming an architect like her father. She spent most of her time with her father learning through drafting tables and prototyping. To sharpen her prototyping skills, Ashley enrolled coursework at Duke and later proceeded to Copenhagen where she advanced her knowledge. After graduating, she established a consulting business at Bain. View Ashley’s profile at Linkedin.

After serving Bain for several years, she felt the need to do more operational work and at the same time explore the world of Silicon Valley, and it is where she became part of Thumbtack as Category Manager. Through close interactions with clients at her previous workstation to Thumbtack, Ashley consistently applied to prototype as a tool to gather feedbacks and quickly iterate on ideas and product improvement. Ashley strongly believed that prototyping is a significant tool for entrepreneurs as it helps them to fail fast and iterate faster.

While working at Thumbtack on fundraising pitch deck, Ashley was exposed to venture capital and gained interest in this industry. Ashley left Thumbtack to study at Stanford GSB, at the same time she was searching for opportunities to create her own consulting company for startups to support herself financially. It is during this period she joined Lightspeed Company partnering with entrepreneurs turning their ideas to reality.

As a member of Ashley Lightspeed consumer, Ashley worked closely with newly growing companies assisting them to develop their growth strategy. Besides working with early forming companies, Ashley had a keen interest in craftsmanship. She believed that when Ashley Lightspeed investing team adopts the spirit of craftsmanship, they will have the patience of understanding needs and translate the understanding into solution simplifying their lives to be healthier and motivated.