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Basic Information Regarding Ara Chackerian

Information will be provided around Ara Chackerian who is a philanthropist, investor, and entrepreneur. One of Chackerian’s jobs is a board member and co-founder of a company called TMS Health Solutions. The company is a provider of treatments for the stimulation of trans-cranial magnetic for the people suffering from depression that is resistant of treatment. Also, he shows a deep commitment to the environmental causes with the investment’s he makes in Limonapa, LA. This is a sustained reforestation Teak plantation placed in the country of Nicaragua. It is there where there’s also a bunch of youth development non-profit organizations like Nor Luyce, JUMA Ventures, and CERA Nicaragua.

The idea from this company came from Chackerian and his business partner. They wanted to expand the experience they had in constructing their centers of out-patient diagnostic radiology to other healthcare areas. In Northern California, it had taken more than a decade constructing a network of centers there. The research they made into the treatment and technology has expanded to a realization that TMS had the future to be a third pillar of psychiatric care. This is also with factors like talk therapy and medication.

There has been a strategy which has assisted Chackerian in increasing his business. That strategy was committing himself to education. He has a belief that the drive of awareness through education will put empowerment to physicians and essentially assist the patients who suffer from mental illness. They displayed this by putting together a symposium lasting three days which focused on giving education to physicians from all around the country using the supplication of TMS therapy. For this symposium that brought in thought leaders from successful research institutions like Emory, UCSF, and Stanford University. Visit for more.

Ara Chackerian is a Philanthropist and entrepreneur who is based in San Francisco, California. He has established many very successful companies which show specialization in many kinds of services of diagnostic imaging. The career of success he has led has gone on for decades. Most of his work has been taking place in the healthcare technology field. You can visit

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