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Betsy DeVos and Lifelong Learning

Betsy DeVos is without a doubt a gentle soul. That’s not to say that she’s a lady who kicks back and allows others to do the tough work. She’s actually someone who likes to get her feet wet. She’s not a distant or aloof person at all. She’s had a fascinating existence so far. It hasn’t made her detached from society at all, though. She still manages to empathize with members of the general public. Her ability to comprehend how other people feel is practically mythical. DeVos is Dick DeVos’ husband. Dick is a widely known American businessman who has been a major player in the Midwestern part of the nation for ages. He’s taken part in so many political and social efforts in the region as well.


Betsy DeVos is delighted to tell the world that she’s the Secretary of Education for the nation that makes her feel pride. President Donald Trump’s administration wouldn’t be the same without her. She’s a woman who has made a big impact on the political scene in the United States. People who hear about her actions never forget her. People who witness her actions with their own eyes don’t forget her, either. How could they? It’s not easy to find someone who has her degree of determination and tenacity. Although her characteristics are rare, her husband shares many of them. He’s a lot like her in that surrendering is simply out of the question.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been close to DeVos’ mind since 1989 or so. It’s been close to her husband’s since that time as well. This is a group that devotes itself to a broad range of major social concerns. It gives a lot of time to social matters in America. It gives a lot of time to cultural and artistic endeavors as well. Dick and Betsy know all too well how invaluable art in the nation is. They want to do what they can to foster its expansion.


Betsy DeVos wants school choice to be a topic that all Americans understand. She knows that there are many young students in the country who can’t go to schools that make sense for their wishes. Students who come from households that lack money often have to attend schools that are designated for their neighborhoods. DeVos finds that concept 100 percent unbearable. She commits a lot of time to changing it for society as well.


DeVos’ husband is the man who made The West Michigan Aviation Academy a stunning reality for many young people located in Michigan. It’s a trusted charter school that’s situated at Grand Rapid’s airport. Its students are eager to learn all about aviation topics.


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