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Meet The Brain Behind The Success Of Neogama: Alexandre Gama

The communication and advertisement industry is growing at a very high rate. With the increased competition and substitutes in the market, there is need to find a marketing agency to help attract more traffic to your firm. The Neogama Company is among the top listed marketing and communication agencies in Brazil.

The founder of Neogama: Alexandre Gama has a vast experience in the field. He began his career in 1982 as a copywriter and creative writer. By 1990, his skills were so polished that he was severally awarded as the best in the field among his peers.

Neogama Company has broken multiple records in the industry. For instance, it was ranked the number one firm to progress so fast within three years of its existence. Also, Neogama won the Lion in the Cannes Festival in the same year it was launched.

It is not a surprise that Neogama is doing so well as largest agency in Brazil because Gama is an individual who is ready to get out of his comfort zone to achieve his goals.