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Ashley Brasier Biography

Ashley Brasier is currently working with Lightspeed Ventures and previously had two post job positions including Thumbtack as Category Manager.

At her early age, Ashley had a dream of becoming an architect like her father. She spent most of her time with her father learning through drafting tables and prototyping. To sharpen her prototyping skills, Ashley enrolled coursework at Duke and later proceeded to Copenhagen where she advanced her knowledge. After graduating, she established a consulting business at Bain. View Ashley’s profile at Linkedin.

After serving Bain for several years, she felt the need to do more operational work and at the same time explore the world of Silicon Valley, and it is where she became part of Thumbtack as Category Manager. Through close interactions with clients at her previous workstation to Thumbtack, Ashley consistently applied to prototype as a tool to gather feedbacks and quickly iterate on ideas and product improvement. Ashley strongly believed that prototyping is a significant tool for entrepreneurs as it helps them to fail fast and iterate faster.

While working at Thumbtack on fundraising pitch deck, Ashley was exposed to venture capital and gained interest in this industry. Ashley left Thumbtack to study at Stanford GSB, at the same time she was searching for opportunities to create her own consulting company for startups to support herself financially. It is during this period she joined Lightspeed Company partnering with entrepreneurs turning their ideas to reality.

As a member of Ashley Lightspeed consumer, Ashley worked closely with newly growing companies assisting them to develop their growth strategy. Besides working with early forming companies, Ashley had a keen interest in craftsmanship. She believed that when Ashley Lightspeed investing team adopts the spirit of craftsmanship, they will have the patience of understanding needs and translate the understanding into solution simplifying their lives to be healthier and motivated.



OSI Group Focuses On Sustainability And Production

The world has shown that it loves chicken and companies are scrambling to be able to keep up with the increased demand. OSI Group is making sure that their operations in Spain are able to handle both current demand and the demand in the foreseeable future with their expansion in Toledo, Spain. Before making this expansion, the plant was able to put out 12,000 tons of chicken. Now with the new high capacity production line that was built, they are able to produce 24,000 tons. While these numbers are already impressive, the expansion brings their total output of chicken and other meat products such as pork and beef to 45,000 tons per year.

Along with the expansion in production capacity, OSI Group was also able to offer 20 additional jobs at the facility that had employed 140 people prior. These positions are staffing both the production line and other positions within the company. A new test kitchen was also constructed during the expansion which will enable them to create new products while improving those that are already on the market. To head up this test kitchen, a product development manager was hired to head up the task.

The OSI Food Solutions Spain Managing Director Jose Maria del Rio recently remarked on how fast the demand for chicken was increasing in countries like Portugal along with Spain. There has been a 6% increase in demand each year for the last decade or so and this grown has reached 8% annually in the last 3 years. She expects that this trend isn’t going to stop anytime soon and OSI Group is prepared for it. The COO of the company, David McDonald has expressed that they will be able to grow their retail and foodservice account while increasing the number of products that the company offers.

OSI Group cares about the environment as a whole and sustainability is something that is highly encouraged at every level. This is something that they kept in mind while building and operating this expansion. The sustainability efforts are so substantial that they were granted funding by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund.

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Matthew Fleeger : Staying the course

The early 2000s posed a very real danger to the U.S oil industry as experts were predicting that the hydrocarbon reserves would soon be depleted leaving the country dependent on OPEC. However, with almost perfect timing, two technologies emerged just in time to make “hard oil” financially feasible. These two technologies would be horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, technologies that companies like Gulf Coast Western would soon utilize to stay afloat. Matthew Fleeger, the son of the founder of Gulf Coast Wester spoke to us recently about how he managed to stay strong during the difficult times in the early 2000s and how he’s been able to produce incredible revenue year after year.

What was the game plan for the company during those hard times?

Matthew states that smart strategic financial moves allowed the company to stay afloat. Matthew adds that the elimination of wasteful overhead allowed him to be able to retain most of his staff as layoffs were absolutely the last resort.

What did you learn from those difficult times?

The power of positivity says, Matthew. Creating an environment where positively flows within oneself are crucial to maintaining good morale, a bad attitude can quickly spread through the company.

How did you convince your employees to stay?

Matthew states that he needed to be open and transparent with his employees about the struggles present and ahead of the company. Keeping that line of communication and honesty can go a long way.

What did you learn from working outside of the company?

Staying calm and being patient with yourself says, Matthew. It’s natural to want to make haste moves when difficult times arrive, however, with every downturn the chance of opportunity is around the corner.

How do you see oil in the next year?

Matthew says that he sees oil selling at around $55-75 barrels of oil which is based on the fundamental environment of today.

Bernardo Chua Grows His Business Through Social Media

Bernardo Chua has led quite an impressive career and has accomplished many feats. He is the founder of Organo Gold as well as the chief executive officer. He didn’t start out that way, and he is where he is today because of all his hard work and dedication to his company. He began his career as an executive of Gano Excel U.S.A. in the Philippines in marketing. After doing that for about three years, he moved on to grow the business to Hong Kong, Canada, and the United States.

He founded Organo Gold in 2008 and realized the great potential that he had to unlock. He began to market healthy coffee, and in 2015 the company went through a rebranding process. That was one of the very first steps that have helped the company to grow substantially, and the company now distributes its products successfully worldwide. Read more about Bernardo Chua at

Bernardo Chua is frequently on social media such as Twitter and Facebook where he answers many inquisitive questions about his company, products and himself. Customers always want to know more about his products, and he is always happy to talk about them. Social Media has helped his company to grow substantially, and it has proven to be a very effective tool for cutting down the costs of marketing and advertising.

Organo Gold is not all about profit, and they have donated funds to various organizations. They have also partnered with The Napoleon Hill Foundation in order to do more good. The company has published the book, “Think and Grow Rich,” and it has sold over 100 million copies globally. The book has helped many of his readers to gain financial wealth, and Bernardo Chua is a big supporter of the OG Cares Foundation. The foundation helps youth to become productive members within their communities.

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Richard Liu, a Candid journey to the top of the business world

Richard Liu, also known as Liu Qiangdong is a Chinese businessperson. He is the founder of JD. Com, a well-known trendsetter in the Chinese e-commerce industry. Liu Qiangdong is a self-made man. He began his entrepreneur journey way back in his college days when he invested the money he got from his programming work into a restaurant business. However, the venture failed, plunging him into debts.

The failure of his restaurant business did not dampen his entrepreneurial spirit. Upon completing his college education, Liu secured a job with a Japanese health product enterprise, Japan life. At Japan life, he successfully worked as the director for business, computers and, supervisor of overall logistics. Two years on, Liu Qiangdong bounced back to business. He established his own company, Jingdong. The company was a distributor of magneto-optical products and, was located in Zhongguancun High-tech Industrial Park, Beijing. The company, under Richard Liu’s management, registered an impressive growth and development. Within five years in operation, Liu had opened 12 more stores in 2002.

The 2003 TSARS outbreak deal Liu another blow. The outbreak kept the residents of Jingdong grounded in their homes. However, years of experience, knowledge and, talent served Liu well this time. He immediately saw an opportunity in his challenges and went online. A year later, he launched his online store, JD. Com. He closed all his brick and mortar establishments. Today, is a leading e-commerce giant in China. It has also attracted other notable investors.

One such partner is Walmart which has put a stake in Recently, Wallmart increased its stake in to 12%. By 2017, had invested a total of $397 million in Farfetch. The investment deal between the two companies is a partnership that respects and promotes their reach in China and, expanding interest in high-end fashion utilities. Today Liu is worth $57.6 billion. Forbes has reported his net worth to be $11 billion.

Tencent, the owner of WeChat also acquired a 15 percent stake in worth $215 million. In exchange, WeChat agreed to promote in its popular social network. The deal was fruitful and, within two months, went public in the US. This deal also catapulted to the level of the then established e-commercial giant, Alibaba. Today, the two companies have become equal competitors.

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Flavio Maluf Has Been A Hard Worker All His Life:

Eucatex Chief Executive and Grandfood President Flavio Maluf is an intriguing figure in the world of business and one who has really made a significant name for himself on the Brazilian business scene. Born into a family with strong ties in politics and business, Flavio Maluf learned the meaning of hard work from an early age and it greatly assisted in helping him to become the business leader that he is today. Despite attaining a degree in mechanical engineering, Flavio Maluf felt the call of the entrepreneurial world and chose to continue his family’s tradition by taking over the families business operations. Read more about Flavio Maluf on Crunchbase

Flavio Maluf is not one to shy away from giving good advice to up and coming entrepreneurs and one of the major pieces of advice that he does impart is the fact that running your own business is an all-encompassing endeavour. Anyone who enters into business for themselves can plan to work long hours in order to make their business grow and succeed. None the less, Flavio Maluf sincerely encourages entrepreneurship and even counsels up and comers that there are ways to start an effective and profitable business without a huge amount of initial startup capital in place.

In a recent statement, Flavio Maluf has recently given a report on where the agribusiness of Brazil currently stands. He makes a point to note in this report that compared to the numbers from the same time a year ago, agribusiness numbers decreased by 0.7 percent. According to Flavio Maluf, recent years have seen China as a major destination for exports from Brazil. These exports consist largely of soybeans. Cellulose is also another major export. Overall Flavio Maluf emphasizes the importance of developing the Brazilian agricultural sector so that food supply for the country can be produced alongside a surplus that can then be exported.

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How Fortress Investment Group Has Become a Trendsetter under the Intelligent Leadership of Wes Edens

How Fortress Investment Group Has Become a Trendsetter under the Intelligent Leadership of Wes Edens

Fortress Investment Group has remained a pacesetter since its formation in 1998. For instance, it became the first big private equity company to sell its shares publicly in 2007. Currently, Fortress is a dynamic investment management company in charge of assets worth over $43 billion for more than 1,750 investors in hedge funds, private equity, as well as permanent capital vehicles. This New York-based investment management firm employs more than 900 individuals. Its three principals include Edens and Randal Nardone who live in New York and Peter Briger who resides in San Francisco.

Fortress’ Main Areas of Expertise

  • Asset-based Investments: They consist of capital, financial vehicles, and real estate investments that generate long-term cash flow. Fortress has exceptional expertise in pricing, holding, financing, and overseeing both physical and financial investments.
  • Operations Management: in this area, the company has created strong tools for maximizing value in the highly complex investments it makes. As far as managing its portfolio is involved, Fortress has an unparalleled expertise in evaluating operational, organizational, and strategic facts.

Wes Edens Involvement in Aston Villa Acquisition

Aston Villa has signed a partnership deal with two well-respected investors, Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris. These two businessmen will make a huge investment in the club in a bid to help the team reclaim its lost glory. Dr Tony Xia announced the partnership deal and thanked the two investors for believing in the club.

Brief Details on Wes Edens

Wes Edens is a self-made American billionaire, private equity investor, intelligent entrepreneur, and owner of sports teams. He partnered with other four principals to create a private equity firm called Fortress Investment Group. Wen is the brains behind New Fortress Energy. He boasts a strong sports investment portfolio, owning and co-owning globally known teams. For instance, he is one of the major shareholders in Milwaukee Bucks, a NBA franchise in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has also made serious cash investment in Aston Villa Club. Edens also owns a professional video game team called FlyQuest. His academic competencies are in financial matters and business administration. Edens is an ardent mountain climber and horse jumper.


GoBuySide Recruitment Specialists in the Vast Financial Industry

No company can be successful without their employees. Thus, hiring the best talent is essential and with the right skills that can take your company forward. But, most companies do not want to spend too much time on the entire recruiting process as it can take weeks before they find one on their own. Thus, most of the top financial companies opt for a recruitment company who can help them find the best possible candidates and that too fast. With so many different companies around, financial companies need to ensure that they pick the best company who will be able to meet their unique requirements.

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Having recruitment professionals taking care of your company’s recruitment can help you find the right talent. In the world of finance, the traditional method of recruitment and staffing can be really daunting and the results disappointing. It is to fill this gap that GoBuySide came into existence. It is one of the most advanced recruitment and staffing platform with a global presence. Serving more than four hundred clients and presence in more than five hundred cities worldwide, GoBuySide has its outreach in over 10,000 firms across the globe. The global presence of GoBuySide is what has helped the firm to search for the right talent from around the world. To know more about the company click here.

One of the reasons why GoBuySide has been able to provide high-level recruitment solutions to its clients in a personalized manner is because it uses proprietary technology. The integration of technology has helped GoBuySide to provide clients with the recruitment solution that would help them find the right talent without any worries. Many companies are unable to improve their performance or stay productive. It is for this reason finding the right talent is important for your firm. GoBuySide would help you find the right executives for the open position from across the globe.

DR. Mark McKenna Professional Approach on Cosmetic Treatment

Dr. Mark McKenna is a very experienced medical doctor who has been in the industry for many decades. He possesses excellent experience in the cosmetic world and has become a hugely influential figure in the industry. The cosmetic Service boutique aims at helping the people who wish to change some specific aspects of themselves. Some of the characters are aging signs, blemish, scars, and many others. Many people will generally visit doctors for such treatments. Other people feel very uncomfortable attending the hospitals, and that is why Dr. Mark McKenna decided to establish his innovation by name OVME. The environment is aimed at providing a conducive and welcoming environment for their clients.

OVME offers various services ranging from vivace micro needling, dermal fillers, botox injections, hair loss solutions mostly for men as well as testosterone. The company will give all patients the required attention as well as making them feel unique and also comfortable. The procedures will be arranged in a manner that the clients won’t take long in the industry. Dr. Mark McKenna considers it as going for a massage which will take less time depending on the patient’s demand. The procedures being carried out at the company are of very high quality and have made their customers leave their offices with great satisfaction.

The cosmetic boutique is the leader in offering the top quality aesthetic treatments as well as the application of the state of the art technology. The company has been able to win their client’s confidence because of their committed professionals who have worked closely towards offering the best services to their patients. The boutique has private and separate treatment rooms that increase their client’s comforts. They have the freedom to seek any services they need. For clients who would like to remain in their houses and achieve the dreams of a better themselves, OVM has also started to offer online procedures which people can follow from the comfort of their homes.

Dr. Mark McKenna is from a family that has been dominated by medical practitioners. The family is one of the reasons that he was interested in the field. He is also a medical graduate from Tulane University school of medicine.

Paul Mampilly Gives His Wall Street Expertise To Main Street Americans

Premier Gazette recently published an article on the Banyan Hill Publishing editor, Paul Mampilly in the article “Broadening the Tree of Wealth with Paul Mampilly and Banyan Hill Publishing” written by Stephen Ray. The article details the journey Paul Mampilly took from Wall Street to Main Street.

Paul Mampilly began his career in finance after studying business administration at Montclair State University. He later received his MBA from the Fordham Gabelli School of Business. After completing his education, he went to work as an assistant portfolio manager at the Bankers Trust Company. Deutsche Bank later bought Bankers Trust where Mampilly became a research assistant. It was this experience that taught him the value of in-depth research into potential stocks and other things that may affect the market. He became a senior research analyst at ING and began to move up the ranks. He became a hedge fund manager where he managed a variety of investments worth many millions of dollars.

Eventually, the investor became one of the leading hedge fund managers in Wall Street when he worked for Kinetics Asset Management. He grew their portfolio to more than $25 billion in assets. Barron’s even named him as one of the “World’s Best” after the portfolio had a 43% return rate.

However, Mampilly quickly became tired of the long hours on Wall Street. He wanted to spend more time with his family which led him to retire at the age of 45. Soon, he began a second career at Banyan Hill Publishing where he began to help the average American learn how to trade. In his newsletter, Profits Unlimited, Mampilly reveals his latest picks in markets like biotech.

In another article, it is revealed that one of Mampilly’s latest picks for his readers is precision medicine. The article titled, “Paul Mampilly Advises His Subscribers to Invest in Precision Medicine” was published on the Dial Dish website. He reveals that precision medicine is the next step in an improved health market where scientists use the biology of patients and pair it with the best possible treatment options. He believes that physicians will be able to use the genomic profile of the patient and compare which treatment will work best.