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Dr. Sam Jejurikar’s Stellar Reputation as a Dallas Aesthetic Surgeon

If you are wondering what Dallas, Texas has to offer when it comes to expert plastic surgeons, then you will likely be interested in learning more about Dr. Sam Jejurikar and his career history. Honing his craft was something that Mr. Jejurikar took very seriously, and he has made his two decades as an aesthetic surgeon about as productive as anyone could have. It is not only about the improvements he makes to his patients in a physical sense, however. Dr. Jejurikar also makes a conscious effort to learn about the specific needs of each client and address those needs to the best of his abilities.

The certified surgeon was, in 2012, the recipient of a great honor within the medical industry. An award known as the Compassionate Doctor Award was given to Dr. Sam Jejurikar, and added further reinforcement to his spotless reputation. In order for a doctor to be honored with the Compassionate Doctor Award, the individual must receive a number of high ratings and positive votes from his or her patients. The American Registry of Business is another organization that gave Dr Sam Jejurikar some well-deserved recognition for the amazing work that he has done over the course of his aesthetic surgery career.

Butt lifts, butt implants, facial modifications and breast augmentations are the main focuses of his practice, and is one of the most experienced cosmetic surgery professionals that the United States has to offer. Residents of Dallas, Texas are in a very fortunate position to have this type of doctor so close to home, although Dr. Sam Jejurikar’s patients are not just located in his own state. They also come from other states because he is such a highly sought-after individual within his field.