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The Billion Dollar Dating App that Whitney Wolfe Created

Whitney Wolfe is becoming a major force in the dating app community. She has become someone that has grown in a big way in a short time frame. Users have started to check out the dating app that she created, and that is definitely one of the big reasons that she is appearing on the cover of Forbes as a technology guru in the dating app world.

People are very impressed with Whitney Wolfe and what she is doing when it comes to dating app technology. She has covered a lot of ground as someone that is passionate about helping other people find a good match.

Whitney Wolfe got married recently, and she also expanded her Bumble app as well. This gives her a totally different perspective on how people are utilizing social media. She is not limiting herself to a single app. Instead, she is getting connected to an app that allows her to branch out and explore other avenues when it comes to connecting users to people that they may need to connect with for jobs.

For the longest time social media apps like LinkedIn have been known for helping people build their professional network circles. This was considered a different app because this is where people were posting their resumes. They were connecting with business professionals, and that allowed them to create a whole new connection outside of their more sociable apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Whitney Wolfe has created a dating app, but she is also a business woman first. The fact that she is a businesswoman is what gave her a desire to put time into expanding Bumble to also cater to other business professionals.

Whitney Wolfe has proven that she is the type of business app developer that knows how to create a totally different atmosphere all under a single app. This is what people are now enjoying about Bumble. If they want to use Bumble BFF they do not have to leave the bumble dating app. They simply switch the settings. The same goes for the Bumble Bizz app.

Whitney Wolfe knows that people will have different needs throughout different times in their lives. She wants to be the resource that can help those people access different needs as time progresses. This is why Bumble has received a billion dollar valuation. It could be the hottest app to surface in recent years.

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Meet Whitney Wolfe- The Lady Behind Bumble Dating App

Bumble dating app gives women the power to decide whether they want to text the guy first after a match. The match expires after 24 hours if the lady decides not to initiate conversation. This is one of the benefits of using Bumble. The other benefit of bumble is that there is comparatively low level of reported abuse and harassment as compared to other dating apps. There have been only 620 cases in 2015, which represents less than 0.1% of Bumble’s user base.

According to statistics, approximately 5% of Americans in marriage or serious commitments met their partners online as reported by the Pew Research Centre. In the past, online dating received a lot of criticism with many proclaiming that those on online dating apps were desperate. Currently, most of the American people have accepted online dating as a great way of meeting people with 25% of adults reporting to have used online dating sites or apps. Additionally, nearly 66% of online daters today have reported to have gone on a date with somebody they met online. This represents an increase from 44% that was reported in 2005.

Whitney Wolfe is the co-creator and CEO of Bumble dating app. The majority of Bumble app shares are owned by the European dating organization. As of January 2017, the dating app had approximately 11 million registered users. Previously, Wolfe had cofounded Tinder in 2012 and was its Marketing Vice president. However, she left the firm under some bad circumstances that was settled in court.

Whitney Wolfe proclaims that she was inspired to create Bumble because of her reluctance to text a man first. According to her, the change in power dynamics resulted in a ripple effect that led to more respect, kindness and confidence, the three most required elements of online dating. Whitney Wolfe has received many awards including being named among the 30 Most Important Women under 30 in technology in 2014 by Business Insider. Additionally, in 2016, she was one of the Elle’s Women in technology and in 2017; Forbes named her in their list of 30 under 30.

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