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My Pups and Beneful Foods

There are many types of Beneful Dog Foods. There are some that will help with the growth of puppies or adult dogs. As your puppy grows so should his or her dog food. You must change the type of foods they eat as they grow. As for puppies they can’t always eat what an adult dog can eat. You must always compare their age and weight. For growing dogs you should allow them to run and play. They should eat according to the instructions on the food bag or can for how much to feed them. Beneful foods are healthy foods for dogs of all ages.

Their foods have all healthy ingredients such as, deboned turkey, potatoes, oatmeal, brown rice, peas, fish oil, vitamins, fruits and much more. They also have potato flavoring. You should only feed your dog one or two times a day. When you over feed them it can do more harm than good. Once your dog becomes obese it’s hard to turn things around. Your dog is now use to eating those three or four meals and snacks a day. You can always consult your Veterinarian for the safest way to help your dog get back to a healthy weight. Also visit : to learn more.

Beneful does have foods that will help with your dog weight loss. They have Beneful Healthy Weight loss, Beneful Healthy Weight with Chicken Dry Dog Food and Beneful Healthy Weight Adult Dry Dog Food. They also have Beneful Healthy Puppy Real Chicken Dry Dog Food. There are a variety of foods that will benefit your dog’s health. Try some of these Beneful dog foods for your pet.You must also give your dog plenty of fresh water daily. Who wouldn’t want to feed their pet foods as healthy as Beneful Dog Foods.

The Beneful Advantage: Top Dog Foods for Older Dogs

While finding the right dog food blend for a growing puppy is a challenge, choosing one that nourishes your elderly canine and satisfies all their health needs is even harder. Luckily, Beneful offers a wide range of products that are perfect for keeping older dogs looking and feeling young.
Beneful Originals with Real Beef:
This standard dry dog food is made with real beef and flavored with spinach, peas and carrots. Rich in antioxidants, this original blend combines crunchy and tender bits to give your dog a meal that’s satisfying and nourishing. Beneful Originals dog food is available in Wal-Mart stores.

Beneful Healthy Weight
Some breeds are prone to weight issues; extra weight can also accompany old age as dogs become less active. In order to keep their spirits high and bodies in good form, Beneful Healthy Weight dog food uses real chicken, carrots, apples and green beans to give your pup 100 percent of his daily nutrients in a low calorie mix.

Beneful Playful Life
Beneful Playful Life is a food that’s set to nourish your dog for a lifetime. This dry blend is a combination of beef, egg, blueberries and spinach and packed with plenty of antioxidants and vitamins. The protein-rich mixture is suitable for breeds of all sizes from adulthood through their senior years.

Beneful Chopped Blends:
Sometimes you want to treat your dog to something a bit more decadent than his usual fare, and Beneful’s Chopped Blends are a perfect change of pace. They offer a soft, meaty texture made from your choice of beef, chicken or turkey and provide all of the vitamins and antioxidants older dogs need to stay healthy.

Making the Right Choice for Your Senior Dog
Just like people, the nutritional needs of dogs changes over the course of their lives. is able to provide owners with a dog food for every stage, whether it’s puppyhood or their 10th birthday. By choosing Beneful, you can give your senior dog a well-balanced diet that’s nourishing, delicious and gives them all the energy they need to keep being your best friend.