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Tammy Mazzocco Achieves Goals Through Real Estate Endeavors

Tammy Mazzocco believes that there is a great opportunity for anyone that wants to engage in real estate to do this if they have the passion and the desire to talk with potential customers. She didn’t start her career with a passion to communicate with others because she was shy. She learned to do this, however, with in time. Tammy believes that this is one of the hardest parts of getting into the real estate business. Once a person has become comfortable with communicating it is much easier to build a client base of customers that are looking for homes.

Tammy believes that a solid real estate career ( has a lot to do with building referrals. She has statedon Ideamensch that over 85% of her business comes from referrals from other clients that she has sold homes to. The other 15% of her business can be summed up from her use of software and internet websites like Zillow where homes are listed for sale. She has taken these types of technology resources and utilized these things to build a name for herself in Central Ohio. Mazzocco has also relied on a mentor by the name of Judy Gang to help her build a career that gives her quite a bit of motivation to continue establishing successful relationships with home buyers.

Tammy is a Facebook fan of Dr. Phil and some of the work that he has created in book form. She believes that he has presented some very successful ideas for managing your life, and she takes hold of some of his key strategies from books that he has written. Tammy believes that focusing on goals and setting different tasks can be a springboard to achieving more in the real estate business. She is passionate about her role in real estate.