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The RealReal is Anything But Fake

The RealReal is the place to shop if you want to wear designers clothes for less. All of the items in their store is genuine and guaranteed not to be a knockoff. Every item goes through an extensive process to ensure that it is not a fake so that customers can shop with confidence.

The RealReal has changed the world of luxury shopping and has generated an impressive $100 million in sales just last year. The company takes its authentication process to the next level and even has contests where employees get prizes for finding any counterfeits. Their no-fake policy is very strict and has its inventory under control.

The company will even pick up items for consignment and once there was a pair of $100,000 in a purse that was not meant to be there. They were returned to their owner, of course, because The RealReal is all about being real and strives to provide not only great products but great service as well.

The company is changing the very way that people shop. Customers are becoming more confident buyers since they know that they can resell items later on if they choose to do so they are more likely to buy the luxury items that they have had their eye on. purchases are seen as investments.

Julie Wainwright is the CEO and founder of The RealReal, and she is proud of the company that she built. The company has a very large social following on social media sites such as Instagram and people from all over the globe and from all walks of life are showing off the great buys that they have scored from The RealReal. The RealReal is the future of luxury shopping and is helping to boost the value of secondhand luxury items.