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Fabletics is Making Waves in the Fashion Industry

Now that Fabletics is among the best companies in the industry, they are going head-to-head with a previous contender for the best online shopping location. Fabletics is learning what they can do to take on Amazon. They want to beat out the mega-retailer in their category so they will have a chance to actually be the best of the best. Since Fabletics has done what they can to make things better for all of their customers, they know it is now up to them to make all the right choices and continue to improve their business so they can be the best of the best.


The only way Fabletics was able to get to this point was through the reverse showroom technique they use. This is a technique that allows customers the chance to see clothes they will love. They don’t have to sort through pages of fluff to find the perfect outfit. Instead, Fabletics makes sure they are only showing their customers the clothing they know they will love. From there, customers will have a few key options they can choose from if they want to purchase an outfit from Fabletics. They can do it from the reverse showroom.


For the majority of the time that Fabletics has been operating, they have been working to make sure they are providing convenience to their customers. Customers who make the choice to shop must take the Lifestyle Quiz. This quiz will tell Fabletics what the customer is interested in, what they are shopping for and what their style is like. They will then be able to show them the clothes they can get from the retailer. Customers will have an easier time making the selection if they only have a few things to choose from.


Kate Hudson likes the idea of Fabletics. In fact, she liked it so much she joined the company as an ambassador. She uses her status to model the clothes and advertise them so she can help people see what they can get from the company. Because of the way Fabletics does business, she is confident she can work on making the company better. She also knows she will be able to help other women have a better idea of what type of clothes they can enjoy when they are shopping at Fabletics. It helps her to make an important connection with all the customers who are visiting the site.

How Fabletics Has Won The Hearts Of Fitness Fans Everywhere

After over four years of nonstop success, it’s clear that Hollywood actress Kate Hudson’s Fabletics brand is more than a fad with a celebrity’s name attached to it. A fitness fanatic herself, Kate Hudson launched the athletic apparel brand using innovative strategies to sell her stylish workout gear.


How Fabletics Works


Fabletics follows the subscription service business model. Customers can shop for athletic gear directly from the company’s website or sign up to become a VIP member. As a VIP member, customers fill out a “lifestyle quiz” that contains questions about their fashion style as well as their favorite types of workouts. This quiz allows Fabletics to figure out which products will appeal most to each subscriber.


After filling out the quiz, VIP members can enjoy the convenience of receiving a full workout outfit in the mail each month for a monthly fee of $49.95. As a courtesy, a VIP member’s first outfit is only half the price. Plus, shipping is free and members can opt out at any time.


The Secret to Fabletics’ Success


Thanks to the quality clothes and the convenience of the subscription business model, the company continues to grow tremendously each year. Teri Hutcheon, blogger of, was drawn into the VIP membership program after admiring the collection of cute yet functional workout clothes on the Fabletics website. By signing up to the program and paying a flat monthly price, she was able to get each piece for less money.


When Teri’s first order arrived, she was pleased to see that the materials used to make Fabletics items are of a high quality. After washing the items a few times, she noticed that the colors don’t fade and the elastic in the materials don’t become overstretched.


The Reverse Showroom Strategy


To take Fabletics to the next level, Hudson decided to launch several brick-and-mortar stores around the country about two years ago. Instead of viewing these stores as a secondary source of revenue, she uses them as a way to get more customers to sign up to the VIP membership program online. This reverse showroom strategy was made famous by Apple. However, Hudson is the first to try out this method on an apparel company.


The strategy has been highly successful. About 25 percent of customers who walk into a Fabletics store end up becoming VIP members before they leave. In fact, the entire shopping process is designed to bring more revenue to the website. For example, when a customer tries a Fabletics piece on in a dressing room, that item appears in their online shopping cart.


Not Just an Actress


The enormous success of Fabletics has proven that Hudson is a natural entrepreneur with strong business instincts. Thanks to a variety of innovative strategies and bold moves on her part, Fabletics has managed to outsell Amazon in the athletic apparel department. The company’s success has also turned Hudson into somewhat of a fitness role model. With over 6 million Instagram followers, exercise enthusiasts can’t get enough of the actress’ fitness-oriented style.


If you haven’t yet, visit and fill out the lifestyle quiz to see what Fabletics has in store for you.

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Kate Hudson And Fabletics: Providing Comfortable Leisure Clothing To Athletes Everywhere

The Release Of Something Innovative

Co-Founder of Fabletics Kate Hudson, a clothing line that provides athletic wear to its customers, has recently launched a line of dresses in the month of April of the year 2016, and they have made their way to the market place. Hudson recently spoke with Marie Claire magazine about the release of her dresses. Hudson told the magazine that the dresses were definitely something that could be worn anywhere. They could even be worn to dates and even more important tasks such as work! The point behind Fabletics, she states, is that it is up to the purchaser on where they decide to wear it.

She also states how women don’t have to worry about their bras causing issues with these dresses, as these dresses were made for that very thought in mind. They even released a few dresses, such as their displayed Tropez Dress, that have a sports bra built in, so you can go bra less in this dress and still look fabulous.

Hudson and Fabletics also produced a line of bathing suits for activity in mind as well. However, Hudson also states that their suits aren’t sacrificing any sexiness and femininity in their designs, as they are both fashionable and durable. The whole idea behind the company is that people should be able to look good while making their bodies feel good by exercising, and that they shouldn’t have to sacrifice their hard earned cash to achieve this.

Fabletics: Their History and Founders

Fabletics all started with the co-founders of JustFab Inc., named Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. They believed that there was a great split in the athletic clothing world. There were plenty of different brands available, but there weren’t a lot of companies that were providing stylish and higher quality clothing options for an affordable price for a wider spectrum of customers like in Fabletics. Wanting to do something about this, they teamed up with female athlete and American actress Kate Hudson in the month of October in the year of 2013.

Kate Hudson: Her Story

Kate Garry Hudson was born on the 19th of the month of April in the year of 1979 in the city of Los Angeles in the United States. She is the second child of famous actors Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson. She got her career started as playing the role of Skye Davidson in the movie Desert Blue in the year of 1998. However, it wasn’t until she played as Penny Lane in the movie Almost Famous in the year of 2000 that she was really able to hype up her acting career at the ripe age of 21. She has always been an active woman, and in teaming up with JustFab Inc. and its founders, she was able to help achieve the goal that they originally set for Fabletics at

JustFab LA Times

The LA Times article at, entitled “Just Fab Heads Toward IPO Even as Other Subscription Start-Ups Struggle,” opens by briefly accounting the popular explosion of subscription-based companies emerging in recent years. These companies, usually marketing their own clothing and beauty product lines, have reportedly begun to tank, according to the article. Blogger Shan Li mentioned Birchbox, which recently severed of its workforce to make up for losses. JusFab, despite challenges in the market, is expecting to reach its highest revenue of $650 million in 2016.

JustFab is an online retailer and chain of women’s clothing stores that has been making astounding strides internationally. The company, founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in 2010, oversees every aspect of design and production sold in its stores. After receiving more than $100 million dollars in funding from various partners, the company expanded its reach, beginning with Canada and Germany. In 2011, the fashion powerhouse Of JustFab was joined by Kimora Lee and since then has earned television coverage and the attention of numerous celebrities. Currently worth over a billion dollars, the company focuses on delivering affordable, stylish merchandise to millions of consumers globally.

In addition to its uncanny growth, the group is moving forward with plans to go public, and Adam Goldenberg recently promised to unveil the clothing lines new name in a few weeks. The article explains that JustFab is hoping to distinguish itself from the dwindling competition, which Li refers to as copycats. Despite the hail storm of negative press, the team appears to be making all the right corporate moves, including bringing in IPO specialist, Todd Tappin.

One of the problems JustFab has run into is the business model in which it has entangled itself. After lawsuits from customers who feel they were unfairly reeled into an agreement which they call a “scam,” Ressler and Goldenberg seem to understand it needs to establish itself as a customer oriented business. However, the article notes that the company owners also feel the value from subscription discounts is a form of customer service in itself.

Athleisure fashion and Fabletics- the future of sportswear

Kate Hudson’s leggings were the first garment that initiated athleisure, for women anyway. Shaun Kearney, chief of design at Fabletics, says leggings is their bestseller: “It’s a core essential style that the company was founded on.”

By regularly refreshing their hues, textures and patterns, Fabletics fashions a broadly based clothing line. It’s fast forward fashion — from initial design to actual delivery in a few weeks.

Fabletics is mostly an online business. New clothing lines are showcased at the very beginning of every month, but with plenty of stimuli is there to attract potential buyers. The brand has recently branched out to seven retail outlets. In addition to the varying age groups and body variations, What you might observe there, is superior quality performance fabrics.

Fabletics is a unique, superior-quality performance wear & embellishment line initiated by Kate Hudson that is pleasing to the eye & affordable. A collateral of JustFab, Fabletics is an online business that deals with women’s athletic wear and embellishments. It presents customized garments to its clients selected for them based on their style of living and fashion dictates.
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I think when we started, we realized pretty quickly we were onto something big, but it is very rare to be able to grow a business to $200 million in the space of 2 1/2 years,” said Geraldine Martin-Coppola, general manager of the El Segundo, Calif.-based Fabletics, a subsidiary of athleisure whose entrepreneur and motivation is the movie actress Kate Hudson.

There’s a means of making athleisure a high end fashion line, it would simply be more expensive. The company’s main goal is to inspire people to be more physically active and healthy. So it’s crucial to reach to a wider spectrum of society. To be highly fashionable on, it is essential to splurge. Our company is really fortunate since due to the model we are capable of achieving the similar quality of performance for a fraction of the price.

Standing Out Among the Rest with JustFab

There are many clothing companies that sell the designs that are created by other companies. These types of companies are found in every corner of the internet. But JustFab manages to stick out among their many competitors. Learn more about JustFab:

Unlike many other clothing companies, JustFab designs their own clothes. From their office in Los Angeles, they create every pair of shoes, each handbag, their dresses and every other item of clothing that they sell online. That makes this company uniquely positioned as an expert on each article that they sell to their loyal customers.

Another feature of the company that allows them to stand out is the fact that they recognize that there are many types of tastes among the many women who shop from them – read more: JustFab Women’s Shoes, Designer Purses, Sandals, Women’s Booties.

Not all women enjoy wearing dresses and skirts. There are many women who enjoy being feminine while being very comfortable. JustFab is well known for creating many different styles of clothing and accessories. Whatever your personal tastes are, this is a company that is sure to have something for you.

To make your experience with JustFab even more unique, they have special programs set up to help match you to the perfect clothing choices for you. They give you several selections to choose the one you most like and then take this information to generate their personal recommendations. This is a unique feature that makes shopping with JustFab even more exciting.  Learn more about JustFab:

The combination of one-of-a-kind outfits and clothing that is picked out for your tastes and styles sets JustFab far apart from all of their competition. Read more: @justfabonline

Every woman likes to have full control of their life. JustFab offers that ability in the form of unique and personalized clothing and accessory choices for each of their customers. That is what helps set this company apart from the many others that sell clothing and similar accessories.

Whatever your personal style is, there is sure to be something for you with JustFab. This company excels at offering unique and one-of-a-kind clothes and accessories. They have something to offer for everyone and this is something that helps make this company stand out and will keep them at the front of the crowd for years to come.