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Enhanced Athlete Defends Integrity With Successful Court Case Against Nutrition Distribution

In recent news, Nutrition Distribution took Enhanced Athlete to court due to their claims that EA has made false advertising claims that have permanently hurt the companies overall sales. Nutrition Distribution even went as far as telling Enhanced Athlete that if they did not pay them for hurting their sales, they would sue them. They surely weren’t lying because they took Enhanced Athlete claiming a loss of sales because of EA. Thankfully for Enhanced Athlete, the district Judge of California decided that the claims were not sufficient and Nutrition Distribution did not provide adequate evidence supporting their claims. Enhanced Athlete also brought up the fact that Nutrition Distribution has been suing companies left and right and they are likely just scheming companies by threatening to sue and settling outside of court.


Scott Cavell is the standing CEO for Enhanced Athlete and he personally stated that he refused to allow Enhanced Athlete to fall victim to a company like Nutrition Distribution, which attempts to harm the livelihood of other companies and take their money. What this means for Enhanced Athlete is they are still on track and becoming bigger than ever, while Nutrition Distribution just falls behind and starts getting noticed for what they actually are. Hopefully, this will be the last time Enhanced Athlete will have to deal with unjust claims, causing them to fight for themselves in the court system.


Enhanced Athlete is more than just a single company these days. Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear are Enhanced Athlete’s sister companies which go hand in hand with each other to provide the highest level of gear and coaching to their athletes, whether it is just training to become a better athlete in general or a specialized training regime for becoming a professional bodybuilder. Finding these companies or making use of their amazing programs is easy thanks to them all using the same logo as well as having a presence online and in social media. Clients can contact the companies directly through their personal websites and get in touch with representatives to have all the questions they may have answered.

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An Encounter With The Logan Stout Of IDLife

Life is full of many surprises. Taking a look at Logan Stout’s background, you have a transparent idea on how his journey in life has been. Logan Stout has transformed from a professional basketball athlete to a successful corporate leader.

He is also a successful entrepreneur, business owner, philanthropist, author, and a motivational speaker. Stout, just like any other man, started small but he is now one of the wealthiest individuals in America. With Logan being alumni of Panola and the University of Dallas, he has been able to gain the best experience regarding leadership. Logan has not kept his successes and talents hidden, but has used his abilities to coach, train, and minister to members of the youth so that they too can lead better and desirable lives.

Mr. Logan Stout is a man who loves to share ideas with the rest of the world. Through best selling pieces like the “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams“, Logan shows people how they can transform their lives by helping the individuals around them grow. Healthy living has been Logan Stout’s biggest priority hence the creation of IDLife, a company that now partners with influential individuals like Troy Aikman, Jen Widerstrom, and Darwin Deason. Logan also happens to be an avid traveler, moving from one place to another doing motivational speaking. During his travels, Logan has been able to capture new ideas.

Logan Stout is also the founder of the Dallas Patriots, an organization that offers talented children from low income families with cost friendly camps, clinics, and private training sessions so as to help them be the best baseball athletes in the world. The Dallas Patriots group also accepts support from volunteers who so wish to offer moral and monetary assistance. When Logan Stout is not working, he is busy spending time with friends and family. Also, Logan spares time to play with his pet dogs. Over time, Logan Stout has proven to be a man who loves to see others thrive. By sharing knowledge with others, the Logan Stout of IDLife has brightened the future of young people and the old alike.