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For Desiree Perez, The Spotlight Does Not Become Her

Roc Nation Chief Operating Officer Desiree “Des” Perez has spent the last two decades trying to remain out of the spotlight. The long-time music industry executive keeps a low profile in her job running one of the world’s largest music conglomerates. That does not mean that her work is not recognized. Earlier this year Billboard Magazine named Perez as one of the most influential executives in the music industry. While the name “Des Perez” may be unknown to casual music fans, it is one of the most respected names to those in the music business.

Des Perez is a New York City native who spent much of the 1990s and 2000s as one of the premier night club, music, entertainment venue managers in NYC. She has been a close friend and advisor to rap music icon Jay-Z for years and when he was looking for someone to run his newly-formed Roc Nation in 2009, he chose Perez. The move was a bold one at the time but has proven to be the right one in the past 10 years, as Perez has led the company to great profits. She is known in the industry as one of the most fierce negotiators, being the primary deal-maker for Roc Nation. By Jay-Z’s own admission, there is not a major business decision that he does not run by Perez.

Perez was also named by Jay-Z as the CEO of TIDAL, a music streaming service, in 2016. She quickly made a big move by negotiating a deal with Sprint that gave the telecommunications giant a 33% stake for $200 million. The deal was heralded by many in the industry as one of the best deals in recent years. TIDAL will now have exclusive access to Sprint’s 45 million subscribers and it has already paid huge dividends.

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Finding Norka Luque

When someone searches for Norka Luque on Google or Bing there may be a couple of photos and a few websites that have her biography right now. The number of hits that will successfully yield results for Norka are few at the moment, and much of this is because she is still so new in the industry.

Norka may be a new face, but she is gracefully taking her time and planting the seeds. Her beauty makes a lot of men search for her online. Women hear her voice and they want to hear more. All of this is good for building the image that has made her a success thus far. All of the vocal lessons and piano rehearsals that she took as a child are shining through in her adult life. She is a Venezuelan native that has also went to school in France. Norka Luque is finding favor with more people as more people learn about her.

Emilio Estefan is banking on her talents, and he may be making the necessary adjustments to make sure that the world gets to see the talent of Norka Luque. Estefan has assembled a great line of producers and writers that are helping Norka carve out the album that represents who she is. There is also a desire for her to provide hope to the people of Venezuela that are having a tough time right now. She has proven that she is a person that is able to build a career and still be concerned about her people. There are people in Venezuela that are hurting as the economy crumbles right now, and Luque wants to inspire those people through music. She wants to keep their heads up, keeping looking for the miracle and feel good about life.

Norka Luque realizes the power of music. Her “Milagro” single can be inspiring to the soul. It has been mixed and remixed as a dance track that is climbing up various charts. She is passionate about her music and her native land, and this is working to her advantage.

By this time next year the Google, Bing and Yahoo search results will be much different. Norka is a rising star that is showing the world her worth. She is becoming the artist that Latin America can be proud of. She is someone that is giving Venezuelans a chance to dance and celebrate life.

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