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Clay Hustons One-Stop-Shop Solution In Music Production

Clay Huston has been an important cog in the successful live performances of many famous rock bands and pop singers of today. Being a professional production manager and live sound engineer, he has been exposed to the many intricacies, problems and solutions that are connected with the industry. He is the head of a professional service group that offers professional services in his line of work. That includes production management, production design, show productions, logistics management, monitor engineering, and rigging and stage management.



His clients prefer his services over that of his competitors since he offers a turn-key solution that is more budget friendly. Hiring his services usually presents welcome delight and surprises to his clients. What’s good about Huston’s services is that they offer a one-stop-shop solution for every need no matter what type of event a client is organizing. That would spell a whole world of convenience, faster development and more organized and safer holding of the event. Huston is a live sound engineer by profession and also an event manager. He has more than 25 years of experience along these lines to prove his and his company’s worth to the client.



Huston has been interested in music since he was still a child and has been working in this field ever since. His passion in music and all the things that it represents naturally led him to build his career around it. He has worked with top-level rock bands such as Guns N’ Roses, Pink and Garbage, as well as with high-ticket solo performers like Kelly Clarkson and others.



But working with top acts in the music industry is not all that Huston is known for. He is also an authority in the design and testing of high-end audio and stage equipment. For instance, he is instrumental in introducing DIGICo’s SD11 console, which is its very first in the market. He collaborated in this effort with the likes of Aaron Lewis, the front man and founder of Staind.



The two got together to produce Lewis’ country solo album in 2011. This stripped-down album features the singer’s recording of his different tours consisting of performances in a 50,000 seat stadium, in a casino with about 700 people in attendance, and also including gigs in a number of honky-tonks and churches around the country. Huston played multiple hats in this production. He always performed his daily production and tour managing duties, and sometimes worked as the FOH/Monitor Engineer of the said events. Learn more: