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The Legendary Clay Siegall

Cancer is one of the diseases that are vastly wiping us off the universe. Consequently, many researchers, scientists, donors and other health practitioners have come forward in solidarity to declare war against this dubious and life-threatening disease. As such, Clay Siegall joined this team around the 1980’s. Until now, he has exuded confidence and unmatched passion for finding the right treatment and therapies for cancer. That is why he is revered as an experienced doctor and an enthusiastic scientist.


Clay Siegall is the primary brain behind Seattle Genetics. He is the mastermind of this great facility that is equipped with state-of-the-art machines to battle health issues. Seattle Genetics is one of the largest oncology companies for biotechnology. Located in the Pacific Northwest area, this company is focused on generating and commercializing some of the emerging targeted antibody-based therapies for potentially transforming the foundation of cancer treatment.


Behind the services provided by Seattle Genetics is the leadership of Dr. Clay Siegall. For him, it all began when a relative was unwell. At his tender age then, he was grievously affected by the relatives’ health condition. The chemotherapy was devastating as the relative was always in excruciating pain. Therefore, Clay Siegall decided to study medicine with a major focus on the human anatomy. He specialized in science and genetics from two universities; The University of Maryland and George Washington University.


Currently, Clay Siegall leads the company through the development of antibody-drug conjugate (ADC).Through his leadership, the company focuses its reigns on a technology that combines monoclonal antibodies and innovative linker systems. This is in light of using proprietary technology to optimize each ADC into a substance that would later improve the outcome of patients.

Additional Information

Further, into Clay’s input in the battle against cancer, it is essential to note that from when the company was established in 1998, Clay has walked it through the long apex of targeted therapies in the industry. This has been achievable by first, developing an FDA-Approved antibody drug that has now penetrated the market through multiple indications. He has also helped the company to establish a long pipeline of drugs that are of course, FDA-Approved as well. That way, Seattle Genetics is on the list of the world’s best oncology centres.

The Overview

Aside from that, Clay Siegall has initiated several programs and partnerships between Seattle Genetics and drug development companies. Some of these partnerships include Bayer and Pfizer.