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Cancer Treatment Center of America launches new treatment workflow

Clinical Pathways is a clinical workflow in collaboration with NantHealth and Allscripts. Drawing on the most recent research, it helps eliminate guesswork by providing comprehensive treatment options, customized to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) standards. Clinical Pathways is easy to use for both doctors and their patients and can even expedite insurance approval by providing clinical data.

By integrating with Allscripts Sunrise EHR, Clinical Pathways provides access to an unbiased Evidence-Based Medical Library. The library is kept up to date by oncology experts and includes outcomes, costs, toxicities and supporting literature. After choosing a regimen, providers can order directly through Allscripts. This is all to make finding and choosing treatments easier.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in 1988 to provide care centered on patients. CTCA provides comprehensive treatment for their patients and the ability to receive their care in one place. With the focus only on cancer, CTCA is better able to provide expertise in the constantly changing world of medicine. CTCA offers options to their patients, not a one-size fits all approach.

With five hospitals across the United States (Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tulsa), CTCA seeks to provide treatment to as many as they can. All of them staff not only oncologists but also all the support personnel a patient may need. Each patient has their own team of experts to tailor treatment to them. After all, the focus is on the patient, and not only treatment of their cancer, but also the management of the side effects.

Creating brand loyalty to expand business access

Over the years, fashion and technological advancement have been intertwined to each other. This is because this two fields correlate in many ways making it an interesting point in life. When technology started taking effect and things were changing for the better, this led to the development of many entertainment equipment that have been thought to relate in functionality. For instance, at the begging we had Walkman which was a focal point in the advancement of personal entertainment. This became apparently ease to access and move about listening to it as a source of entertainment. But as fashion moved on and things moved to and advanced stage, it was necessary for the source of entertainment to be upgraded. This is because carrying along a big gadget like a Walkman was past with time. This necessitated the development of iPod which could be tied down to advancement in the fashion industry. People had developed awareness and wanted something small that could guarantee them good and quality music. The fashion trend has also seen the advancement in the communication industry where people have moved from the normal mobile handsets to smartphones. This has also been brought about by the development and changing trends in the fashion world.

As such, many people have started inventing ways in which technology and fashion can relate to maximize ones outlook. For instance, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin have developed an airbag that can be used on bicycles to avert accidents. This is very efficient compared to helmets which prevent total visibility by blocking one side of the head. Such inventions have been considered an important aspect in developing an existing relationship with the whole being.

Chris Burch is the founder and chief executive officer of BurchCreative Capital. The values of the company revolves around his entrepreneurial skills ion the potential lying in the new business opportunities, building brand loyalty and applying imagination. This has been the building block of the company to its present state.

Chris Burch has over 40years experienced in the investment and entrepreneurship fields. As such, he has participated in the development of over 50compoanies across the world that have benefited from his diverse knowledge in the industry. BurchCreative Capital has a rich portfolio of brand loyalty under its name, for instance, ED, Poppin and TRADEMARK. This are just but a few brands that have seen the light of the day under the leadership of Chris Burch.

Award to Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital has been announced as one of the prospective firms to win the 15th annual M&A Awards. The firm is one of the major financing companies that continue to give its client the best services. The award has been organized to foster and encourage deal making, restructuring in firms and investment. It is vital to honor and celebrate the achievements of the companies and professionals. An award is a tool that foster excellence in the financial industry and apparently means a lot to some enterprises proofing that the top company does a lot in customer satisfaction and offering quality services. Madison Street Capital has been individually nominated for its exemplary services in boutique investment banking, international industrial deal and hastening the acquisition of the Acuna and Asociados. The good news about the achievement of Madison Street Capital feature on many sites including Checking the site for more information would be substantial. The staff and management of the firm were overwhelmed by the nomination because it is their hard work and sacrifices that brought the success. The management, in particular, feels honored due to the acquisition that involved a cross-border transaction. During the purchase of the Acuna & Asociados S.A., it is evidence that the international transaction managers of the company work tirelessly to realize the success. The winners of the award are due to be announced 15th annual awards at the New York Athletic Club.

More about Madison Street Capital, LLC.
It is an international company that is dedicated to integrity, quality performance, directing and quality service delivery which involves corporate financial management and investment. Merger and acquisition are one of the daunting tasks to any firm. It would, therefore, be important seek the help of experts who have vast knowledge in the area. Madison Street Capital has a group of staff that have an experience in the mergers and acquisition. It would thus be important for any company to look for the right firm to deal with the various cases that are related to the same. The specific strategies employed by the Madison Street Capital are passed to their clients through the various advisories. The services equip customers with necessary skills enabling them to succeed not only in the local market but also globally. One of the plans that have made the company grow and provide the clients with the best results that drive their global growth is market analysis. The firm has earned the trust of the various clients globally through their high-quality work and professionalism. M&A Advisor also was founded in the year 1988, and it has continued to offer insights to the industry while at the same time smaller firms and encouraging growth within the industry.

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