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Julie Zuckerberg Demonstrates Being a Diverse Individual

While the majority of the focus that Julie Zuckerberg has is in her career, she also does other things aside from helping the biggest banks in the world find the best recruits to make them more successful. This is her specialty, though, and she manages to do a great job at helping the banks find the people who are going to be the best fit for their own business. It is something that has set the banks apart from their competition and something that has had banks begging for the expertise that Julie Zuckerberg brings to the table.


Her experience started years ago when she first started working with Hudson. This was the first opportunity that she had right out of college and it was a learning experience for her. She learned what she could do with recruiting, how she could make it better and what was required for her to be able to come up with the right strategies for recruiting. She also learned what she needed about the banking world. She took this information and applied it to the next stop in her career, Citi. This is where she first became highly respected as a recruiter and they enjoyed the opportunities that she presented to the bank in the form of recruits.


Julie Zuckerberg wanted to see if there was a better field of recruiting than banking. She wanted to find out more about the different recruitment opportunities. She knew that doing this would allow her the chance to be able to find out the most important parts of the recruitment process. During the short time that she worked with New York Life Insurance, she found that banking recruitment was really the best opportunity for her. She ended that period in her career and moved on to better opportunities.


As the lead recruitment executive for the Deutsche Bank, Julie Zuckerberg has shown the bank what she is able to do and the different opportunities that she has to make things better for the bank. She has helped them find their latest executives and that has set her apart from anyone who worked in the recruitment department before her. She has truly made an impact on the company and it is not something that they are going to be able to forget anytime soon with the options that she has made for each of the people who are doing different things.


Along with her career, Julie Zuckerberg is passionate about many different things. Her Pinterst boards reflect a love of running, a desire to renovate her home and some really cool shoes that she loves. She also has other social media accounts that reflect information about her to her peers so that she can show people who she is as a person. She loves art, design and photography. She also loves New York City and learning secrets that it has tucked into its streets while she is enjoying her runs around the city on the days that she has off.


The Success of Helane Morrison as an Employee of the SEC

Helane Morrison is a highly respected attorney who made significant accomplishments in her long career. She was once employed by the government and currently works for the private sector. Morrison got his bachelor’s degree in law from the University of California. In 1996, the Securities and Exchange Commission employed her to serve at its San Francisco District Office. Her performance was exceptional, and she was offered top responsibilities such as being the head of the enforcement department. Morrison was the leader of investigations that uncovered illegal activities that were being conducted in companies such as Hewlett-Packard, HBO, New York’s Republic Securities, NextCard, Inc., Google, and Dean Witter. Her good work was recognized by the SEC, and she got a promotion to be the San Francisco District Office’s chief.


Her position as the head of the San Francisco District offered her more responsibilities since she oversaw all examination and enforcement activities that were conducted in the North Western States. Her jurisdiction covered Oregon, Alaska, Montana, North California, Idaho, North Nevada, and Washington. She was supervised by the Pacific Regional headquarters, which are located in Los Angeles. David Bayles was the chief of the district before Morrison took over the office. He had headed the SEC branch for about five years before getting a new job at the Morrison & Foerster law company.


Morrison was about 46 years old when she was promoted to be a district chief. Only a few women have managed to be hired as district administrators, and they are Carmen Lawrence, Mary Keefe, and Valerie Capron. The San Francisco District doubled its staff when she was in office due to the increase of the workload at the enforcement and analysis departments. She made sure that the SEC effectively implemented regulatory compliance and securities in the area. Her other role at the commission was representing it during business transactions, legal issues, in government institutions, and financial groups.


The attorney’s first practice was in the private sector, and she made significant accomplishments. Helane kicked off her career in 1986 by working as a lawyer at San Francisco’s Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. The law firm promoted her in 1996 to serve as a partner. The primary services that she offered include being an attorney in corporate lawsuits, private securities, SEC issues, and internal company investigations. She was also hired by stockbrokers and intermediaries who needed legal representation during arbitrations. Morrison presently works at the Hall Capital Partners.


8 Ways Brand Owners Can Learn from Insubordinate Hollywood Stars According to Lori Senecal

Regardless of how many people are vying to become a star in Hollywood, there are a select few who shine brightly due to their great talents, while others simply stand out because of their never-ending slip ups and ability to still obtain endorsements. Hence, this fact enabled Lori Senecal, Cristin Porter + Bogusky’s CEO, to offer eight ways that brand owners can learn from insubordinate Hollywood personalities.

1. Employ a brand stylist.
According to the ex-KBS CEO, celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Ritchie have transformed their images with much help from their respective stylists. Companies, therefore, can follow suit and reinvent the look of their products so that they are more tasteful to the clients.

2. Reinvent the brand.
If socialites are capable of formulating new stories in which they get shown as philanthropists or something even better, various corporations can also reimagine their failing brands. In particular, Nintendo had done that when they introduced Wii.

3. Offer more benefits.
As a budding entrepreneur,Lori Senecal, the merchandise should be as versatile as the B-list actors who can perform, direct, and produce at once, so that many can find them useful. For instance, handheld devices are no longer for calling and texting nowadays, as they can play videos, music, and games as well.

4. Downsize the products.
Consumers find it highly efficient to utilize goods that are easier to carry around. The idea that they get to avail the features of larger gadgets in a smaller gizmo truly attracts people to purchase something from the company.

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5. Collaborate with other brands.
The power couples in Hollywood have counterparts in the manufacturing industry, including Nike and Apple which joined forces to create the Nike + brand. The collaboration of Lori Senecal that takes place between two giant companies gains media attention and makes them even more marketable.

6. Show philanthropism.
Join celebrities and other corporations in supporting an organization that aims to save Mother Nature or give assistance to impoverished families in other parts of the world according to Lori Senecal. Such a generosity can put the brand on the good side of many.

7. Become an icon.
An icon is a brand name that the crowd immediately thinks of when they hear of a product related to it. This step is not difficult to cover if the owners consider their logos simply.

8. Get parodied.
The brands that families know more about are the ones that become satirized in comedy shows. It is a new marketing strategy that works well for the companies.

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Susan McGalla is a True Inspiration to Many Women in Business

Everyone has his or her own definition of success, especially in women. However, certain traits resonate with everyone’s perception of a successful woman on Women who are successful are passionate about what they do. They have the tenacity and confidence to take on challenging tasks. Even if they fail, they have the resilience to dust themselves off and try again with a determination to win. Take an example of businesswoman Susan McGalla. Her brand is a legacy that would live on in her investments for many years.

Few years back, the business field was a place for men. A woman would always get a cold shoulder even if she was good at a particular business. But Susan McGalla had a different agenda, which was against the norms. She wanted to make a difference and prove to other women that they can do better what men do. She is a role model to many upcoming women entrepreneurs who feel intimidated by the dominance of men in the business field. She is an embodiment of courage, versatility and resilience and a pillar to startup women investors who are still struggling to find their feet in various portfolios.

Susan has found her way through the management ladder to become one of the most powerful businesswomen in the country. Susan McGalla is the CEO and founder of P3 Executive Consulting, a limited liability company that provides expert insight in corporate retail. Her vast experience and rich knowledge in retail and clothing has attracted a lot of attention from people with different social and financial rankings. McGalla’s tendency to approach issues with a broad mind has also enabled her get high-profile clients from big companies that need insight in issues relating to financial markets and talent management.

Her belief in hard work, ethics and success has made her a dominant figure in management circles in different companies. She is the Director of Strategic Planning at St Pittsburgh Steelers. McGalla has also managed Wet Seal Inc. as the CEO and American Eagle Outfitters as the President. However, she is currently focusing on her own company P3 Executive Consulting to make it a better competitor in the country’s crowded consultancy industry.

Susan graduated from Mont Union College with a degree in Business and The 52-year old is a true inspiration to many, and companies would love to have individuals like her in their team. She is currently married to Stephen Mc Galla.

Analyzing Doe Deere

The Lime Crime brand has managed to soar in the last 12 months or so, and there is a reason for this. The brand has eyeliner, lip balm and makeup that is getting a lot of online attention, but none of this could happen without Doe Deere. She is the founder and Internet sail for this ship that is riding the waves with the other cosmetic industry giants.

Doe Deere may not have the money that a lot of other big time companies have. It doesn’t matter to her. She really doesn’t need it. Advertisers will often spend millions to promote brands through television and print media. Doe Deere is able to build a success without a ton of money because she has managed to do something that other CEO and corporate founders have not done. She is managing a social media network that caters to her fan base.

No customers of Lime Crime will have to wait for a new commercial to be reminded of the new shades of lipstick. When people that are loyal to the brand see fresh colors like Alien online instantly. It is often because they have put the time in to stay wired in to what Doe Deere is doing. She is masterful in keeping her customers entertained. She also knows how to stay connected and responsive to people that are following her lead.

There are tons of blogs about Doe Deere happenings. She has stories that are hitting the web, and the fascination is growing. Much of this has to do with the fact that she is such a mystery. On the Internet it is hard to remain a mystery. There are is much out there that can lead people right to your door. The fun part for Doe Deere is that she can play on the fact that people are spreading information based on nothing more than speculation.

It doesn’t have to be true for people to run with it. As far as she is concerned all attention is good attention because it makes people curious about her. This gives her a chance to advertise the brand every time that someone goes online to search for her. She is passionate about her cosmetics line and the passion is felt by her fans. Some have even taken to getting style advice from her. This is the power of social media and good marketing.

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Doe Deere’s Journey To Becoming The Queen Of The Unicorns

In a recent interview with Guest Of a Guest, famed cosmetic entrepreneur Doe Deere gave some insight into her huge success with her Lime Crime Cosmetics line and how she got where she is today. She went on to talk about her early years before she became and makeup icon. Doe was born in Russia and grew up there. She said that she moved to the United States when she was 17 and spent a great deal of time in New York City. She later moved to Los Angeles. She credits her sense of imagination and ambitious tendencies to the creation and success of Lime Crime. She said she always had dreamed big and at one time she dreamed of becoming a musician and did so when she moved to New York.

She says that being a musician early in her career helped her understand important concepts related to business such as marketing and customer appreciation. She went on to say that she’s always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She said she started her first business when she was just 13 years old when she lived in Russia. She sold temporary tattoos which were in common at the time. She said she was responsible for making them popular at her school. She said, of course, she wore her products to showcase them.

Doe Deere said she lived in New York City for many years. She lived between Manhattan and Brooklyn from 1998 until 2012 during her music career. She met her husband in New York City, and they were in a band together. They collaborated on writing music and promoting the band which is how they weren’t to get along and work well together.

The reason the Lime Crime Cosmetics was invented was her tendencies to gravitate towards brightly colored makeup which was nearly impossible to find in 2008. She began creating her makeup to satisfy her needs for bright and unusual colors. She was surprised to learn that so many women and girls out there we’re looking for the same thing, and we’re thrilled to know that there was a company making bright, bold colors that they were desperately searching for. She says that Lime Crime gives women the freedom to personalize and express themselves.

Doe Deere has advice for those aspiring to be entrepreneurs, she wants them to know that they should follow their hearts and be determined to bring whatever makes them unique and stand out to the forefront of their game. If you want something, you should go after your dream to get it.

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The Education And Experience Of Helane Morrison: The Ideal Compliance Officer

Helane Morrison is one of the new breed of compliance officers. The Brooklyn, New York native is well-educated, experienced, and has great credentials. That is very important because the compliance officer plays a vital role in modern business. If they do their job well, both the public and the reputation of their company is protected. If the compliance officer is not effective, the public and the company’s reputation and its coffers can take a hard hit. The compliance officer is responsible for ensuring the proper guidelines are in place and followed by the business.

If the proper guidelines are not provided by the compliance officer, it can lead to myriad problems including endangering workers, the public, and the company. That’s why the new breed of compliance officers being hired tend to be well-educated, well-trained, and knowledgeable of the laws governing the industry in which they work. Their recommendations and directives must also be respected by people at all levels of the organization. Given sufficient power and support the modern compliance officer can make a dramatic difference in the fortunes of a company and prevent major problems.

When companies are looking for a compliance officer, Helane Morrison is the ideal candidate. She has a degree in communications from Northwestern University, a Juris Doctor from University of California at Berkley, passed the California bar exam, and had a legal career that lasted more than a decade. In fact, she was a partner for 5 years in the California law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. When she left the law firm, Helane was hired to become the director of the San Francisco office of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

While at the Securities and Exchange Commission Morrison’s job was to investigate businesses accused of violating local, state, or federal laws and bring cases against them when it is warranted. During the 11 years Helane Morrison spent at the SEC, she brought a number of high profile cases against nationally known companies. She was known for her integrity and her willingness to fight for justice for the common man. When Morrison left the SEC in 2007 and became Hall Capital Partners LLC’s general counsel and chief compliance officer, it was a major coup for the company. They had found a compliance officer with the reputation, education, experience, and legal training to protect the interests of the company and the public.

QNET Creating the Women Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

For women in the workforce, there are often sacrifices that must be made in order to be successful at work as well as present at home (according to Glassdoor reviews). In fact, according to a recent study, over 80% of women say they could benefit greatly from earning even a small amount of extra income without having to spend any additional time away from their families.

One of the fastest and most accessible ways for working women to supplement their income is through the direct sales industry. Not only is there very little risk, but the opportunity to set their own schedule, be their ‘own boss’, and own their own business is just too good to pass up.

In recognition of International Women’s Day, QNET, one of Asia’s top direct selling companies is pledging to develop the skills of hundreds of young female entrepreneurs so they can follow their own dreams as well as provide for their families and enrich their communities. They have expanded their team globally and have offices in over 25 countries around the world.

Bright smiles after awesome training sessions.Great going, Unbelievable Team in Turkey!

Posted by QNET (Official) on Thursday, March 3, 2016

The QNET team is the perfect place for a young woman entrepreneur. QNET pledges to empower each and every one of it’s direct sellers with the skills and resources to ensure their success.

Anyone who has any experience in direct selling knows that success depends on having the right products to sell. QNET has a huge selection of very popular products in the health and beauty market, including Couleurs make-up. Also popular is their line of luxury Swiss watches from Bernard H. Mayer.

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