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Guilherme Paulus Transforms Brazil’s Tourism Sector Through CVC Brasil

Besides receiving the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Paulus, the assistant founder of CVC Brasil has helped his company gain international recognition as one of the leading tour operators in the world. CVC Brasil, also known as Operadora e Agencia started with the input of Carlos Vicente who financed the business.

At that moment, Guilherme Paulus was 24 years old. Initially employed at IBM where he served as a junior employee, Paulus has always demonstrated revolutionary leadership skills. He has propelled his company towards success and today, it’s recognized as a leading tour operator in Latin America. Guilherme’s drive, as well as the ambition to serve in the industry, are complemented by his attitude to give back to the community.

Guilherme Paulus started his business in Sao Paulo where he also grew up. He sold part of his business to Carlyle Group in 2009. In 2013, he invested his shares in the stock exchange. Currently, CVC’s yearly revenue is approximately $5.2 billion. The company continues to register consistent growth. Mr. Guilherme Paulus has been spearheading the development and inclusion of new branches into the country every year. Today, CVC has about 100 units in various stores. Since its founding, CVC has grown through the visionary leadership of Paulus. He has developed the company into an international brand that has attracted domestic as well as foreign visitors. To this end, he has won the Personality of the Year award.

Paulus has contributed to the growth of CVC by propelling it towards becoming a huge brand not only in Brazil but other parts of the world. Today, the company boasts of having an employee base of about 5,000 workers and $5 billion in yearly revenues. CVC has also embarked on the journey to grow organically through its subsidiary GJP Hotels and Resorts that currently have more than 100 new outlets.

Guilherme Paulus values corporate social responsibility especially since it applies to his role in the society as a team leader. CVC has participated in various instrumental causes such as the PIET project that focuses on providing educational opportunities. CVC has also supported Dr. Klaide Care to promote quality health.

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