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InnovaCare Health Solutions: Finding Ways to Help More People

The best medical companies want to help their patients because it’s the right thing to do. Unfortunately, today’s healthcare environment is run by companies that only want to make money off their patients. Every day, people face medical care they can’t afford or isn’t quality medical care.

The political side of this argument is about cost and making healthcare affordable for everyone. The professional side of the argument is about quality. Obviously, affordability comes second to quality, but current political discussions have tilted the debate. Companies are able to get away with selling ineffective medicines because no one’s paying attention quality.

When medical companies start looking at quality, things will get better for everyone. That’s the mission that InnovaCare Health has taken on and has been fighting for over the last few decades. Not only do they want to change today’s complex healthcare management environment; they want everyone to have access to the highest-quality medical care. For more details visit LinkedIn.

At InnovaCare Health, they’re focused on creating managed care models that center on strengthening patient-provider relationships. They hope to accomplish this by building models that are more coordinated, cost-effective, and driven by quality rather than low-cost innovation.

That’s how America ended up in its current healthcare crises, companies looking to do things as cheaply as possible. InnovaCare Health believes that patients are more likely to trust and open up about all their health issues if they trust their providers. When patients open up, physicians can better diagnose and treat patients, ensuring healthier outcomes. You can visit Businesswire.

One man at InnovaCare Health trying to help as many people as possible is Dr. Richard Shinto. Also called Rick Shinto, Dr. Shinto is a medical professional with more than 20 years of experience in clinical studies and operational healthcare. He’s also written numerous articles on the matters.

Before joining InnovaCare Health Solutions, he had his own practice in Southern California. He is still a practicing pulmonologist and internist in California. After closing his office, he started working full-time for other medical companies, holding high-ranking positions at all of them. He served as Aveta Inc.’s CEO and President until the company was sold. You can visit their website

When he started leading InnovaCare Health, he wanted to expand the company. He made his greatest leap when he acquired nearly 27,000 beneficiaries from First Medical Health Plan.