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Jeff Herman: Partnering with Celebrities against Sexual Abuse

The incident of sexual violation against American children is on the rise. Because of the instances which involve children and sexual predators, many people started supporting bills that would protect them from these incidents. Because of the pressure from the public, the United States Congress has decided to pass a bill called the Child Victims Act, and it gained support from a lot of public figures, including Corey Feldman, who is an American actor. He would appeal day and night to the representatives working at the Congress to prioritize the bill so that the children will be protected from sexual violations. Jeff Herman, a New York City-based lawyer, is also supporting the bill and he is working with Corey Feldman to give pressure to the Congress and transform the bill into law. Another supporter of the bill is Sarah Powers, who is an ace volleyball player. Together, the three public figures have been rallying with other people who wanted to make the Child Victims Act a law that would benefit thousands of sexual abuse victims.

Because of the rising sentiment for the children who were sexually abused, the people of New York City decided to band together and form a group called the “New Yorkers against Hidden Predators.” They wanted to eradicate the culture of sexual abuse among Americans, and that is why they wanted to join the cause and put pressure on the Congress to support the bill. However, many experts believe that the culture of sexual abuse in the United States could not be easily eradicated, and the people would have to wait for a long time before it is completely flushed out of their system.

Despite this declaration from the experts, other members of the society believe that it is doable. Jeff Herman believes that if the bill made it through Congress, sexual predators would think twice before they could proceed with attacking defenseless children. He also added that the Congress should support these kinds of bills because it would be helpful for the welfare of the American people. Jeff Herman has been providing his services to those who were sexually abused, delivering quick justice for everyone.

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