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Julie Zuckerberg Demonstrates Being a Diverse Individual

While the majority of the focus that Julie Zuckerberg has is in her career, she also does other things aside from helping the biggest banks in the world find the best recruits to make them more successful. This is her specialty, though, and she manages to do a great job at helping the banks find the people who are going to be the best fit for their own business. It is something that has set the banks apart from their competition and something that has had banks begging for the expertise that Julie Zuckerberg brings to the table.


Her experience started years ago when she first started working with Hudson. This was the first opportunity that she had right out of college and it was a learning experience for her. She learned what she could do with recruiting, how she could make it better and what was required for her to be able to come up with the right strategies for recruiting. She also learned what she needed about the banking world. She took this information and applied it to the next stop in her career, Citi. This is where she first became highly respected as a recruiter and they enjoyed the opportunities that she presented to the bank in the form of recruits.


Julie Zuckerberg wanted to see if there was a better field of recruiting than banking. She wanted to find out more about the different recruitment opportunities. She knew that doing this would allow her the chance to be able to find out the most important parts of the recruitment process. During the short time that she worked with New York Life Insurance, she found that banking recruitment was really the best opportunity for her. She ended that period in her career and moved on to better opportunities.


As the lead recruitment executive for the Deutsche Bank, Julie Zuckerberg has shown the bank what she is able to do and the different opportunities that she has to make things better for the bank. She has helped them find their latest executives and that has set her apart from anyone who worked in the recruitment department before her. She has truly made an impact on the company and it is not something that they are going to be able to forget anytime soon with the options that she has made for each of the people who are doing different things.


Along with her career, Julie Zuckerberg is passionate about many different things. Her Pinterst boards reflect a love of running, a desire to renovate her home and some really cool shoes that she loves. She also has other social media accounts that reflect information about her to her peers so that she can show people who she is as a person. She loves art, design and photography. She also loves New York City and learning secrets that it has tucked into its streets while she is enjoying her runs around the city on the days that she has off.