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OSI Group Focuses On Sustainability And Production

The world has shown that it loves chicken and companies are scrambling to be able to keep up with the increased demand. OSI Group is making sure that their operations in Spain are able to handle both current demand and the demand in the foreseeable future with their expansion in Toledo, Spain. Before making this expansion, the plant was able to put out 12,000 tons of chicken. Now with the new high capacity production line that was built, they are able to produce 24,000 tons. While these numbers are already impressive, the expansion brings their total output of chicken and other meat products such as pork and beef to 45,000 tons per year.

Along with the expansion in production capacity, OSI Group was also able to offer 20 additional jobs at the facility that had employed 140 people prior. These positions are staffing both the production line and other positions within the company. A new test kitchen was also constructed during the expansion which will enable them to create new products while improving those that are already on the market. To head up this test kitchen, a product development manager was hired to head up the task.

The OSI Food Solutions Spain Managing Director Jose Maria del Rio recently remarked on how fast the demand for chicken was increasing in countries like Portugal along with Spain. There has been a 6% increase in demand each year for the last decade or so and this grown has reached 8% annually in the last 3 years. She expects that this trend isn’t going to stop anytime soon and OSI Group is prepared for it. The COO of the company, David McDonald has expressed that they will be able to grow their retail and foodservice account while increasing the number of products that the company offers.

OSI Group cares about the environment as a whole and sustainability is something that is highly encouraged at every level. This is something that they kept in mind while building and operating this expansion. The sustainability efforts are so substantial that they were granted funding by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund.

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