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TMS Health Solutions Is At The Cutting Edge Of Outpatient Psychiatry

Based in Sacramento, California, with locations throughout Northern California, including Burlingame, El Dorado Hills, Oakland, Roseville, Sacramento, and San Francisco, TMS Health Solutions is an outpatient psychiatric group practice that offers comprehensive psychiatry services for people with clinical depression and other mental health conditions such as memory disorders associated with mild cognitive impairment or mild dementia some of the population may experience as they age. TMS Health Solutions was founded in 2007.

The treatment provided to patients continually utilizes new and groundbreaking methods including medication, therapy and transcranial magnetic stimulation or TMS therapy to patients suffering with clinical depression. Short, intense magnetic impulses are sent to the brain, which produces changes in the activity of the neurons by stimulating areas of the brain that are underactive and suppressing areas that are overactive.

Patients are considered to have clinical depression if they experience at least two weeks of low mood that affects all aspects of a patient’s life including sleep, eating and working. Clinical depression is experienced by 6.7% of the population, according to the Center For Disease Control and about 40% suffer from treatment-resistant clinical depression that doesn’t respond well to medical treatments. TMS therapy along with antidepressants and therapy can be effective for those with clinical depression. 50% to 60% of patients do experience positive results from TMS therapy.

TMS therapy is an FDA cleared procedure that produces no systemic side effects that many medications can cause. Side effects that have been reported are mild and include headaches, lightheadedness and tingling about the head and face. While the procedure may not eliminate the need for antidepressant medication, it can mean lower doses of medication which would bring a reduction in the side effects that some medications cause.

Dr. Richard Bermudes is the founder and Medical Director of TMS Health Solutions. He is a proponent and educator for TMS therapy. Dr. Bermudes has a background as both a professor and a researcher. He earned his medical degree from University of California San Diego School of Medicine. He did his residency at University Hospital – University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

The Life, Work, and Background of Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David B. Samadi realizes he is a rare breed. He is not just an Iranian-American, but he is also one of the world’s leading prostate cancer surgeons. Growing up, Dr. Samadi realized that he and his brother were very bright. But as David clowned around with his brother in pre-1979 Iran, he probably never realized that he would be one of the leading American immigrants. He literally has prostate surgery down to an art, and besides the many procedures he performs on a weekly basis he is also widely sought after as a professional speaker on the topic.

Samadi attended Stony Brook College after high school on a full-ride scholarship, graduating with honors with a degree in biochemistry. He then received his Medical Doctor training from S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook in 1994 and completed his postgraduate training in Urology at Montefiore Medical Center and his training in Proctology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1996. He has also completed an oncology fellowship and a robotic fellowship under noted French Doctor Professor Claude Abbou.

After his fellowships, Dr. Samadi developed his own modifications of the procedures, developing them into a system he called SMART (Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique). This system helps men retain urinary continence and keep sexual potency in over 95% of cases. Dr. Samadi is also extremely proud of the fact that this procedure is nearly a hundred percent successful at completely all of the cancer cells from the prostate.

Although Dr. Samadi has practiced at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and the faculty of Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in 2007, he is now practicing at the Lenox Hill Hospital as the Chair of Urology. Because he has become so well-respected, he has started appearing on many television shows, starting with his appearance on Fox and Friends in 2013. It was on that show that he first noted one of the only saving graces of the Affordable Care Act, which is the fact that “gender pricing” where insurance premiums are increased for women over men has been banned. Since then, Dr. Samadi has been on many television shows and has become nationally known for his immense expertise.


Sussex Healthcare, Now Hiring

The employee amenities at Sussex Healthcare are phenomenal. Several great paying job positions have just opened up. Now is a fantastic time to take full advantage of this outstanding career opportunity. This experienced elder care home organization has posted 20+ healthcare positions and an IT job opportunity as well. The vacant job positions are available for both full and part time employment options. Terrific healthcare benefits only sweeten this employment deal that offers competitive salaries and other employee benefits. All interested individuals are invited to call for thrilling details. A tour of the facilities is usually all it takes to convince prospective employees that this healthcare team is where lifelong careers begin.

Sussex Healthcare is the only area UK care home provider that has been awarded two prestigious accreditation designations that few healthcare providers are able to achieve. All of the Sussex Healthcare buildings are setup to ensure a homey environment that offers top-quality healthcare and related services. The interior decor inside these impressive facilities is too beautiful to believe, and visitors are amazed by the warm atmosphere within any Sussex Healthcare building. Stringent security measures are followed in each facility. Many of these home-away-from-home facilities boast spectacular flower gardens and sensational landscaped lawns.


Every patient that enters a Sussex Healthcare privately-run care home will be assessed and evaluated by a combined team of healthcare professionals. A personalized care plan is implemented, and these care plans are regularly reviewed and adjusted should care needs change. This wonderful holistic care plan approach ensures that the entire person is addressed instead of relying on a one-care-plan-fits-all mentality. This individualized care encourages each patient to live up to their personal goals and abilities. Every patient is given the greatest respect, and patients participate in developing their care plans whenever possible.

The welcoming ambiance inside any Sussex Healthcare elder care facility puts patients and their accompanying families at ease. This relaxing environment, perfect for reading, is balanced nicely by daily recreational pursuits that each patient can take part in. Cookery, music appreciation, art classes, reminiscence sessions and other enthralling activities are offered throughout each day. Sometimes, popular local theater groups and musicians stop by for a special onsite performance. Sussex Healthcare also operates several outreach programs for area elders and individuals that have disabilities. A striking gymnasium recently opened that sports the latest fitness equipment plus a soothing heated pool for easier exercising.


Basic Information Regarding Ara Chackerian

Information will be provided around Ara Chackerian who is a philanthropist, investor, and entrepreneur. One of Chackerian’s jobs is a board member and co-founder of a company called TMS Health Solutions. The company is a provider of treatments for the stimulation of trans-cranial magnetic for the people suffering from depression that is resistant of treatment. Also, he shows a deep commitment to the environmental causes with the investment’s he makes in Limonapa, LA. This is a sustained reforestation Teak plantation placed in the country of Nicaragua. It is there where there’s also a bunch of youth development non-profit organizations like Nor Luyce, JUMA Ventures, and CERA Nicaragua.

The idea from this company came from Chackerian and his business partner. They wanted to expand the experience they had in constructing their centers of out-patient diagnostic radiology to other healthcare areas. In Northern California, it had taken more than a decade constructing a network of centers there. The research they made into the treatment and technology has expanded to a realization that TMS had the future to be a third pillar of psychiatric care. This is also with factors like talk therapy and medication.

There has been a strategy which has assisted Chackerian in increasing his business. That strategy was committing himself to education. He has a belief that the drive of awareness through education will put empowerment to physicians and essentially assist the patients who suffer from mental illness. They displayed this by putting together a symposium lasting three days which focused on giving education to physicians from all around the country using the supplication of TMS therapy. For this symposium that brought in thought leaders from successful research institutions like Emory, UCSF, and Stanford University. Visit for more.

Ara Chackerian is a Philanthropist and entrepreneur who is based in San Francisco, California. He has established many very successful companies which show specialization in many kinds of services of diagnostic imaging. The career of success he has led has gone on for decades. Most of his work has been taking place in the healthcare technology field. You can visit

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Clay Hustons One-Stop-Shop Solution In Music Production

Clay Huston has been an important cog in the successful live performances of many famous rock bands and pop singers of today. Being a professional production manager and live sound engineer, he has been exposed to the many intricacies, problems and solutions that are connected with the industry. He is the head of a professional service group that offers professional services in his line of work. That includes production management, production design, show productions, logistics management, monitor engineering, and rigging and stage management.



His clients prefer his services over that of his competitors since he offers a turn-key solution that is more budget friendly. Hiring his services usually presents welcome delight and surprises to his clients. What’s good about Huston’s services is that they offer a one-stop-shop solution for every need no matter what type of event a client is organizing. That would spell a whole world of convenience, faster development and more organized and safer holding of the event. Huston is a live sound engineer by profession and also an event manager. He has more than 25 years of experience along these lines to prove his and his company’s worth to the client.



Huston has been interested in music since he was still a child and has been working in this field ever since. His passion in music and all the things that it represents naturally led him to build his career around it. He has worked with top-level rock bands such as Guns N’ Roses, Pink and Garbage, as well as with high-ticket solo performers like Kelly Clarkson and others.



But working with top acts in the music industry is not all that Huston is known for. He is also an authority in the design and testing of high-end audio and stage equipment. For instance, he is instrumental in introducing DIGICo’s SD11 console, which is its very first in the market. He collaborated in this effort with the likes of Aaron Lewis, the front man and founder of Staind.



The two got together to produce Lewis’ country solo album in 2011. This stripped-down album features the singer’s recording of his different tours consisting of performances in a 50,000 seat stadium, in a casino with about 700 people in attendance, and also including gigs in a number of honky-tonks and churches around the country. Huston played multiple hats in this production. He always performed his daily production and tour managing duties, and sometimes worked as the FOH/Monitor Engineer of the said events. Learn more:



Latest Move by Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies, a prison and inmate technology company, celebrated the 2018 New Year with some special news. On January 4th, the company announced that they had reached an agreement to purchase government payment processing company, GovPayNet. The terms of the deal were not disclose but GovPayNet will continue to operate under its current name for the foreseeable future. The acquisition is the latest in a number of deals that Securus has reached with other companies over the past decade. It further aligns the company with services that it already provides and gives them a larger market share in the prison technology sector. GovPayNet was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Indianapolis. They have current contracts with over 3,500 agencies, covering over 26% of counties in the United States.


Securus Technologies is the premier technological service provider to corrections facilities in the United States. The company provides inmate self-service, payment processing, biometric analysis, incident management, and a host of other services to jails and correction facilities. It was founded in 1986 and has over 1,000 employees spread over 4 office locations in the U.S., including their headquarters in Dallas, Texas. This acquisition will give Securus the capability to process over 4 million payments on a annual basis.


Avaaz Mobilizes Hundreds Of Thousands To Counter Extremist Politician

It is difficult to believe that a major European political figure today can still publicly proclaim that women are not as smart as men, are weaker than men, and therefore, should be paid less.

But that’s just what JanuszKorwin-Mikke, a far-right Polish member of the European Parliament, did during a recent debate in this important government body.

Radicals like Korwin-Mikke might never face consequences for holding such dangerous and backwards views if it were not for organizations like Avaaz. The group quickly mobilized hundreds of thousands of activists who put together a petition of 935,000 names to suspend Korwin-Mikke.

The result was an unprecedented set of penalties for the Polish politician which included a suspension of his parliamentary allowance for 30 days (about $11,000) and a 10-day suspension from all parliamentary work. He was further suspended from representing parliament for a full year.

This sordid event is proof that Avaaz is an activist organization that truly gets things done and can sway what happens at the highest levels of world government.

Avaaz is an online activist group with tens of millions of members. They sign up at the groups Internet site to take on the positive social cause of their choice. That cause might be fighting the blatant sexism and racism as demonstrated in the above case. But Avaaz is also advocating for a wide array of causes that represent some of the most pressing problems of the world today.

For example, Avaaz members are working hard on climate change, fighting poverty, countering the brutality of autocratic governments, working for minority rights, helping war refugees, fighting the degradation of rain forests and ocean water, keeping the media free and honest – and much, much more.

Avaaz is powerful because it gives voice to ordinary people living anywhere in the world. That’s what the word Avaaz means: “Voice.” Since forming in 2007, Avaaz has grown into the world’s largest and most effective online activist group.

Every day, Avaaz brings together tens of millions of people who prove consistently that when people organize and take action, positive change can become reality.

Avaaz Youtube channel:

Despite Its Critics Rocketship Education is Expanding

In 1954 The Supreme Court ruled that in segregated systems schools serving black students while separate were not equal. Today, the same narrative applies to schools in impoverished and more affluent districts.

A joint study between Harvard and UC Berkeley concluded that 30 years ago the education received by students in low-income San Jose communities was on par with the education given students in wealthier districts. By the 2000s the loss of jobs and affordable housing negatively impacted the quality of education in poor San Jose neighborhoods.

In 2007 Rocketship Education was created in San Jose to restore to impoverished students the chance for a better education and future. Eleven years and 25 schools later on standardized tests, Rocketship’s students (Rocketeers) consistently outperform other pupils not only in Sana Clara County but across California.

Despite achieving positive results, charter schools like Rocketship have their detractors. Criticisms include a lack of experienced teachers, standards that are too rigid, and excessive use of computers as learning tools.

Parents who have children in charter schools have a different opinion. In April of last year, 374 parents representing students in 18 charter schools including Rocketship Education responded to an Op-Ed piece in the Nashville “Tennessean”.

They composed a letter calling for a cessation of the attacks on alternative schools. The parents pointed out that public schools were not satisfying their children’s’ educational needs. The missive cited the high-quality education that pupils were receiving at charter schools and the support and encouragement that those schools provide.

Apparently, others are impressed by Rocketship Education’s results. In 2013 the Washington DC Charter School Board cleared the way for Rocketship to expand beyond California. The board authorized the opening of a maximum of eight Rocketship charters in one of the districts poorest wards.

The first of these schools opened in 2016. It offers a preschool program run by The Appletree Institute. Enrollment consists of 350 students in grades K-4. The needs of Rocketeers parents who are also called Rocketeers have been provided for. Parents are granted access to the school’s computers in order to apply for work online.

Jeff Yastine Shares How Regtech Helps Businesses Reduce Compliance Costs

Companies have continued to spend a lot of money in the recent past particularly when it comes to matters of regulatory compliance. Increased business regulations have also resulted into every organization creating a fully staffed compliance department. As a business person, you’ll most likely agree to the fact more rules in the business environment would definitely translate into increased operational costs. This should not worry you anymore as regtech is here to present significant relief to your firm.

The new concept involves making use of innovative technology tools such as artificial intelligence and blockchain among other software solutions to reduce compliance related costs according to Supplied by about 80 young organizations, regtech products and services are increasingly becoming handy to all kinds of companies. These companies are projected to play a huge role in the world of business in the near future.

Let’s Talk Payments, a popular financial technology website, has indicated that compliance costs global banks about $70 billion. According to them, this figure is likely to rise to about $120 billion in just 3 years. It’s actually shocking to learn that major financial institutions in Europe including Deutsche and HSBC banks are reportedly spending over $1 billion annually on compliance.

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Thanks to regtech specialists, major financial institutions will now take only 3 months and a cost of about $300,000 to deal with issues of compliance as opposed to 2 years and about $10 million experienced earlier. Companies that are ready to embrace regtech will absolutely benefit a lot. A number of companies as well as regulators have already embedded the concept into their ecosystem according to The Bank of England, the United Sates’ office comptroller of the currency and Singapore’s monetary authority are just but among the key stakeholders who have accepted regtech.

Jeff Yastineexperienced stock market investor and a reputable financial journalist. Since the joining the organization in 2015, Jeff has continued to educate and empower investors by improving their understanding of business, financial trends and economics as well as tips on current profitable opportunities.

In the course of his career, Yastine has interacted with a number reputable global business leaders including Michael Dell, Richard Branson, and Warren Buffet just to mention a few. His eye-opener publications have continued to support both young and established entrepreneurs across all sectors of the economy. His hard work has not gone unnoticed. Jeff Yastine has won a huge number of notable awards in various categories.

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The Billion Dollar Dating App that Whitney Wolfe Created

Whitney Wolfe is becoming a major force in the dating app community. She has become someone that has grown in a big way in a short time frame. Users have started to check out the dating app that she created, and that is definitely one of the big reasons that she is appearing on the cover of Forbes as a technology guru in the dating app world.

People are very impressed with Whitney Wolfe and what she is doing when it comes to dating app technology. She has covered a lot of ground as someone that is passionate about helping other people find a good match.

Whitney Wolfe got married recently, and she also expanded her Bumble app as well. This gives her a totally different perspective on how people are utilizing social media. She is not limiting herself to a single app. Instead, she is getting connected to an app that allows her to branch out and explore other avenues when it comes to connecting users to people that they may need to connect with for jobs.

For the longest time social media apps like LinkedIn have been known for helping people build their professional network circles. This was considered a different app because this is where people were posting their resumes. They were connecting with business professionals, and that allowed them to create a whole new connection outside of their more sociable apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Whitney Wolfe has created a dating app, but she is also a business woman first. The fact that she is a businesswoman is what gave her a desire to put time into expanding Bumble to also cater to other business professionals.

Whitney Wolfe has proven that she is the type of business app developer that knows how to create a totally different atmosphere all under a single app. This is what people are now enjoying about Bumble. If they want to use Bumble BFF they do not have to leave the bumble dating app. They simply switch the settings. The same goes for the Bumble Bizz app.

Whitney Wolfe knows that people will have different needs throughout different times in their lives. She wants to be the resource that can help those people access different needs as time progresses. This is why Bumble has received a billion dollar valuation. It could be the hottest app to surface in recent years.

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