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Rocketship Education and the quality of learning


The quality of education prepares the students for a better life in the future. Education quality can be challenging to achieve since finding a good balance between the curriculum, and the physical activity is hard. Rocketship Education ensures that children get a quality education at a very cheap cost. The institution is composed of about sixteen charter schools that have the same education system but located in different places. The headquarters of this charter schools network is in Redwood City in California.

The quality of education

Rocketship Education ensures that the students find a balance between the class work, physical and mental development. For this reason, the institutions under this charter have a timetable that has to be followed strictly. The students have time to study for their curriculum and enough time to do physical exercise for their development.

Parental involvement in education

One positive characteristic of the Rocketship Education is the provision parental input. Since the parents know what is best for their children, they have to contribute on how their studies are handled. In the process of interviewing the teachers, the parents must be involved. The act of involving the parents in the process of education increases their trust in the education system.

Innovative curriculum

Several institutions have always focused on following the usual tradition of education. Rocketship focuses on teaching the children new ways of learning. At the elementary level, the charter schools have their online programs. The little ones are taught on the basic requirements of education, and at the same time, they get sufficient education on the use of technology. Since the world is rising fast on technology, it is important for these children to learn about it. With the online programs and mental developments, the institution has received financial support from different groups and the government.

Inclusion of different cultures

The institution recognizes the existence of different cultures. It tries to maintain the cultural respect without affecting the normal educational cycle. The school recognizes that various students have different learning capabilities. With this consideration, the students do not use the same technology in education. The complexity of education depends on the level of understanding.


Richard Devos Lifts the Veil over the $139 Million Giving To Education Reforms and Political Causes

The Devos family has been involved in philanthropic activities for a long time now. They have specifically been championing educational reforms in Michigan and the whole of America. They are renowned for their role in School choice movement that has seen more than a quarter million students get admissions in publicly funded institutions.


Besides their participation in educations reforms, Dick and his wife have also been active participants in politics. The two are said to have spent a huge portion of their fortune to fund various Republican candidature over the years. It has seen the couple get a lot of attention from the public and some critics as well.


Dick and Betsy’s donations to political causes can be described as a drop in the ocean when compared to what the couple has given to educational reforms. By 2015, the couple’s total charitable contributions hit the $139 million mark, which saw the duos family foundation ranked 24th among the top givers in America. When Betsy was nominated for the U.S. Education Secretary post earlier this year, her generous giving to educational institutions and political causes was put under scrutiny. The philanthropic couple decided to lift the veil on the millions of dollars they had given out towards education and political causes through the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation.


In 2015 alone, the Devos are reported to have contributed $11.6 million to charitable organizations according to a report published on the Family’s Foundation website. The amount was double what the couple had donated in campaigns over the last five years. Betsy and Dick are part of a huge family dynasty that has supported Republicans for a long time now. It is reported that in 2015, the extended Devos family contributed about $104 million to charity.


For Dick and his wife Betsy, their philanthropic giving has mainly been centered on education. The couple donated about $3 million towards education causes that consumed more than a quarter of the total charitable giving. Dick and Betsy Family Foundation further awarded $357,000 to groups that support education reforms. The couples have over time explained that their foundation is keen on championing more education reforms as the current system is not helping the majority of the students as it should. The couple also notes that the Foundation will continue to better the school choice system to help the children who are born in low-income families.


About Dick Devos

Dick Devos is an American businessman and the co-founder of the giant direct selling Amway. In 2012, Forbes magazine listed Dick Devos as the 60th among the wealthy people in U.S. with an estimated net worth of $5.1 billion. Dick Devos was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan in a middle-class family and was educated at Calvin College. Dick has served in a variety of executive positions at Amway, Orlando Magic Franchise, The Windquest Group and the NBA.


Role of Boraie Development in New Jersey’s Real Estate Sector

New Jersey is one of the most populated areas in the US with very poor real estate performance, which has been derailing the country’s real estate progress. Since the time of the Great Recession, New Jersey has experienced high demand for housing although the mortgage payment has been very poor with most people being very late in making payments.

The trend is expected to change for the better. With the rise in employment rates, more people can now afford the mortgage. The real estate industry has also put in efforts in determining and resolving the affordability crises that hit the State. The situation in New Jersey could go from bad to worse because the demand and supply of the housing are very divergent. The demand is higher than the supply. The building permits are now easy to acquire, which will see many developers build houses and put them on the market to sell them hurriedly before anyone else does.

A higher number of homes is being held off the market as the people expect better deals on housing in the near future. In so doing, the housing crises is not about to end. The higher the demand of the housing, the higher the prices for homes and apartments in different cities in New Jersey. Developers and property owners hike the price citing the apparent accessibility to the transit from any part of New Jersey.

According to an article published through Philly Purge, the housing boom is about to come to an end due to the increased rate of employment creation in the city and the high rates of rent making it hard for home consumers to continue renting. Mortgage rates remain relatively low making the credits more available. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

Boraie Development is one of New Jersey’s most reliable development companies that manage homes, apartments and commercial buildings for the people of NJ. The success of Sam Boraie is traced back to its financing; the company relies on solid financial institutions for finances and their own capital together with the State’s best architects. The final product is never disappointing and they always meet the required time deadlines. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms for more info.

According to an article in NJ spotlight written by Tara Nurin, Boraie Development has played a major role in transforming New Brunswick. With the $77.2 million residential project, the town is now looking like the most stylish accommodation hub in Manhattan, New York. Soon the town is going to be the home to a third commercial property build by Boraie Development in a move to make New Brunswick the epicenter of New Jersey by attracting innovative tech and biological science firms.

An Encounter With The Logan Stout Of IDLife

Life is full of many surprises. Taking a look at Logan Stout’s background, you have a transparent idea on how his journey in life has been. Logan Stout has transformed from a professional basketball athlete to a successful corporate leader.

He is also a successful entrepreneur, business owner, philanthropist, author, and a motivational speaker. Stout, just like any other man, started small but he is now one of the wealthiest individuals in America. With Logan being alumni of Panola and the University of Dallas, he has been able to gain the best experience regarding leadership. Logan has not kept his successes and talents hidden, but has used his abilities to coach, train, and minister to members of the youth so that they too can lead better and desirable lives.

Mr. Logan Stout is a man who loves to share ideas with the rest of the world. Through best selling pieces like the “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams“, Logan shows people how they can transform their lives by helping the individuals around them grow. Healthy living has been Logan Stout’s biggest priority hence the creation of IDLife, a company that now partners with influential individuals like Troy Aikman, Jen Widerstrom, and Darwin Deason. Logan also happens to be an avid traveler, moving from one place to another doing motivational speaking. During his travels, Logan has been able to capture new ideas.

Logan Stout is also the founder of the Dallas Patriots, an organization that offers talented children from low income families with cost friendly camps, clinics, and private training sessions so as to help them be the best baseball athletes in the world. The Dallas Patriots group also accepts support from volunteers who so wish to offer moral and monetary assistance. When Logan Stout is not working, he is busy spending time with friends and family. Also, Logan spares time to play with his pet dogs. Over time, Logan Stout has proven to be a man who loves to see others thrive. By sharing knowledge with others, the Logan Stout of IDLife has brightened the future of young people and the old alike.

Planning the Perfect Event

Just like with any electrician, butcher, landscaper or serviceman that you call on for a specific task, if you ever need to plan an event, it is best to know have some basic understanding of the task at hand. It makes communicating your needs to anyone helping you a smooth and productive experience. It also helps to ensure that you get the fullest value from your time and money spent. There are plenty of event planning companies in NYC that assists expectant hosts every day. It only makes sense to have an idea of how they can help you before they have the chance to do so.



For a good start, a well-planned vent has three major lists that have to be detailed and updated before the task of pulling off the perfect event is complete. The first list is of the guests arriving or at least some kind of account of the number of people who are expected to convene. This list is followed a shopping list that covers everything the guest or crowd might need within reason. Naturally, there has to be a to-do list that makes sure the first and second lists actually correlate with each other somehow. And, a master list that keeps track of all the other three really streamlines the whole process.



With the brainstorming out of the way, it all comes down to the nitty-gritty of execution. And, depending on whom you need to entertain and why, the next two steps in the processes of creating a party can make it or break it. The presentation (or theme) and invitation to an event or party should complement the expected guest log and add a cache value of pleasant surprise or en vogue chicness.



Of course, there aspects to events, parties and gathering that are completely unique to the occasion. Decisions like these may come down whether or not to have a bar and liquor service. Other personal calls to make are the grandness of table setting and appetizers. Is there a need or cause for a signature food or drink to mark the occasion? This is just one of many questions that any one of the good corporate event planners in NYC will ask when designing an event.



One of these good is Twenty Three Layers. They know everything there is to know about event planning, production and design. They have a cadre of services just waiting to please clients. These services are venue selection, catering, floral design, entertainment, photography, lighting, branding, production, fabrication, custom printing, styling and workshops. This firm is the go-to solution to event planning problems.

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Beverly Hills Auto is a Smart Decision

Buying a car is one of the biggest financial decisions a person will make. Research shows, that buying a used luxury car, such as a BMW, is a wiser monetary decision than buying a new ordinary car. When a brand-new car drives off the sales floor, its value decreases thousands of dollars immediately. With a previously owned car, the original owner has already taken the financial loss. This is a smart reason to buy a used BMW from Beverly Hills Auto Group.


Beverly Hills Auto Group in Woodside, New York, has been providing ultimate customer service since 1969. Beverly Hills Auto Group has a large inventory of used BMWs to select from, and a knowledge sales staff to find the car of your dreams. They offer a customized ordering process, so you can get exactly what you are looking for in a used BMW. Come to Beverly Hills Auto group for a great used car buying experience.

Cancer Treatment Center of America launches new treatment workflow

Clinical Pathways is a clinical workflow in collaboration with NantHealth and Allscripts. Drawing on the most recent research, it helps eliminate guesswork by providing comprehensive treatment options, customized to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) standards. Clinical Pathways is easy to use for both doctors and their patients and can even expedite insurance approval by providing clinical data.

By integrating with Allscripts Sunrise EHR, Clinical Pathways provides access to an unbiased Evidence-Based Medical Library. The library is kept up to date by oncology experts and includes outcomes, costs, toxicities and supporting literature. After choosing a regimen, providers can order directly through Allscripts. This is all to make finding and choosing treatments easier.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in 1988 to provide care centered on patients. CTCA provides comprehensive treatment for their patients and the ability to receive their care in one place. With the focus only on cancer, CTCA is better able to provide expertise in the constantly changing world of medicine. CTCA offers options to their patients, not a one-size fits all approach.

With five hospitals across the United States (Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tulsa), CTCA seeks to provide treatment to as many as they can. All of them staff not only oncologists but also all the support personnel a patient may need. Each patient has their own team of experts to tailor treatment to them. After all, the focus is on the patient, and not only treatment of their cancer, but also the management of the side effects.

The Inspiring Entrepreneurial Career of Duda Melzer

Duda Melzer hails from a business family, and his entrepreneur genius is, therefore, a confirmation that “an apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree.” He’s a member of the Sirotsky dynasty of entrepreneurs and grandson of the RBS Group magnate, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho. Duda Melzer, however, rose from the shadows of his business family to establish his own business and become a globally reputed business magnate. He is the current chairman and president of RBS Group, which straddles Santa Catarina and Rio Grande Sul states. Duda is also the founder and chairman of e.Bricks Digital, a subsidiary of RBS Group that specializes in the digital market in the United States and Brazil.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer enjoys a successful career as an investor that began when he was only twenty-six years old as a business administration student at the prestigious Pontifical Catholic University. He has a postgraduate degree in business administration from Harvard Business School. Besides business, Duda also has an interest in arts as Mercosul Biennial director, a globally modern art gallery held in Porto Alegre.

Before assuming the leadership of RBS Group, Duda shuffled through several Northern American companies in various positions. His first job was at Delphi Corporation where he served as a senior financial analyst in 2002. He later joined BoxTop Media as non-traditional media director general before moving to the Family Communication Network. Duda finally found a position at RBS Group originally as chairman in 2012 before promotion to the board of directors’ chairmanship in 2015.

In a report by Dino, RBS Group specializes in entertainment, journalism and service content via television, internet portals, radio, and newspapers. The company operates twelve radio stations as an affiliate of Rede Globo, another fifteen station and three newspapers. It also runs e.Brick, a digital company that specializes in the digital technology and media, segmented e-business and mobile business. Other subsidiaries of RBS Group include RBS Publications, Vialog, Appus, Engage Eventos, a graphic firm, the Mauricio Sirotsky Foundation and HypermindR. Duda cites his inspiration in steering RBS Group to success as his Harvard professor John Davis who’s also his family’s business advisor and a globally recognized business consultant. Davis tenure as RBS Group consultant spans for almost two decades and he also doubles as the company’s first Brazilian customer.

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CTRMA Director Mike Heiligenstein Helps Improve Mobility In Texas

The city of Austin sits in the middle of the state of Texas, and it is the home of the offices of the CTRMA and Mike Heiligenstein. There are many different people who will find that the mobility options that he has created will make the state easier to traverse. This article explains how people will learn about mobility in the state, and the public forums that Mike works on will help ensure there is a way for everyone to make their way across the state.


#1: The Purpose Of New Mobility


The purpose of new mobility is that the people of the state must have simpler ways to go all the places they like. The locations that people choose may be quite close together and going on a bus or train line will make it quite simple to travel. This is a reliable method of transportation for all people in the state, and it will help people keep their jobs.


#2: The Rail Lines


The rail lines that Mike proposes to put in will include connections to the national rail lines around the country. People who get on the train in the state may go anywhere they like, and they may find that each new connection helps them go to work or travel for their vacation.


#3: The Bus Lines


Bus lines will help connect communities, and someone who wishes to make their way to the next town may connect on the bus line at any time. They may take the time to travel every day for work, and they will learn quickly how to get on the bus route they need. The bus routes may be added in many places, and Mike is asking the public how they feel about adding buses.


#4: Public Forums


The public forums that Mike holds will help the population give their own opinion of the situation. He wants to have their opinion on the record, and he will use their opinion to formulate policy. There are quite a few people who are coming to these forums because they have specific needs that must be met.


The rail lines and bus lines that Mike Heiligenstein manages will ensure the state of Texas has better transportation for all. There are quite a few options for the state that may be used to ensure that every member of the population has an easy way to move about.


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Today’s Leaders: Sawyer Howitt

In an era void of leaders, a few people exist that bring hope to the masses. As a result, they chose to take a stand in areas that most would not. Moreover, these leaders chose to fight for the rights of others and make the world a better place. In addition, these leaders hold the distinction of being trendsetters. As a result, their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Moreover, these leaders have a bright future ahead of them. In particular, Sawyer Howitt remains the leader in this discussion. For those unaware, Sawyer Howitt hails from Portland, Oregon. As a native of Portland, Sawyer Howitt assumed these responsibilities at a young age. Although he remains a teenager, some might say that he has already lived a lifetime. This remains attributed to his hard work and desire to succeed

Currently, Sawyer Howitt serves as the project manager of Meriwether Group. Moreover, his father founded the company. Therefore, it remains safe to say that Sawyer Howitt remained destined for greatness. While at Meriwether Group, Sawyer Howitt duties consist of preparing spreadsheets for the company. Also, Sawyer Howitt organizes meetings for the company. When not behind the desk of his office, Sawyer Howitt remains hard at work in the classroom. As a senior in high school, Howitt remains devoted to finishing up his final year of high school. As a result, numerous students look up to him. Upon graduating high school, Sawyer Howitt intends on going to Columbia University.

While there, he plans on getting a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance. Doing so would only add to his long list of accomplishments. In addition, Sawyer Howitt already remains an esteemed entrepreneur. Furthermore, Sawyer Howitt has an athletic side. With that being said, Sawyer leads his team during their racquetball practice. Due to Howitts talent in racquetball, additional doors have opened up for him. Moreover, it remains a possibility that he might play the sport professionally. During his free time, Sawyer Howitt does what teenagers do best. Aside from listening to music and hanging out with his friends, Sawyer Howitt also remains attentive to his community.