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Rocketship Education and the quality of learning


The quality of education prepares the students for a better life in the future. Education quality can be challenging to achieve since finding a good balance between the curriculum, and the physical activity is hard. Rocketship Education ensures that children get a quality education at a very cheap cost. The institution is composed of about sixteen charter schools that have the same education system but located in different places. The headquarters of this charter schools network is in Redwood City in California.

The quality of education

Rocketship Education ensures that the students find a balance between the class work, physical and mental development. For this reason, the institutions under this charter have a timetable that has to be followed strictly. The students have time to study for their curriculum and enough time to do physical exercise for their development.

Parental involvement in education

One positive characteristic of the Rocketship Education is the provision parental input. Since the parents know what is best for their children, they have to contribute on how their studies are handled. In the process of interviewing the teachers, the parents must be involved. The act of involving the parents in the process of education increases their trust in the education system.

Innovative curriculum

Several institutions have always focused on following the usual tradition of education. Rocketship focuses on teaching the children new ways of learning. At the elementary level, the charter schools have their online programs. The little ones are taught on the basic requirements of education, and at the same time, they get sufficient education on the use of technology. Since the world is rising fast on technology, it is important for these children to learn about it. With the online programs and mental developments, the institution has received financial support from different groups and the government.

Inclusion of different cultures

The institution recognizes the existence of different cultures. It tries to maintain the cultural respect without affecting the normal educational cycle. The school recognizes that various students have different learning capabilities. With this consideration, the students do not use the same technology in education. The complexity of education depends on the level of understanding.