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Securus Technologies Key to Collecting Crime Scene Evidence

When my team of crime scene investigators has finished collecting all the date we can at a crime scene, the work is hardly over. There have been too many cases that were dismissed on evidence that just didn’t meet the standards of the court system, so we now go to great lengths to collect more than the courts require on the off chance some of the evidence is found to be invalid at a later date. There was a case we were working on this month that was the opposite; we could not find any usable evidence at the scene. In these cases, we need to use other resources to continue the investigation.


On a recent visit to the prison to try and collect some information from inmates, the corrections officers on duty informed my team that they now were using the updated Securus Technologies inmate call monitoring system, and they were alerted to chatter pertaining to our case. In the past, officers needed to man those calls and listen to each word of every call carefully. Today, the Securus Technologies LBS software does the work of many officers, and can isolate and then alert officers when certain conversations are heard.


The company has a number of call monitoring systems in jails around the country, and the CEO and his thousand employees all work to make the world just that much safer for us all. While we thought we were going to be talking directly to a inmate, we discovered he was already on the phones talking about the crime we were investigating and pointing my team in a direction we did not even consider. His talks with his brother about how to answer police questions was key in giving us more evidence that allowed us to put the suspect in custody and then jail for a long time.