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Ricardo Tosto: A lawyer with integrity

Brazil is a country that is governed by a presidential system of government. The president of the country has powers to control the government. The president is elected by the citizen directly through the ballot. There are three divisions in the government of Brazil. There are the legislature, judiciary, and the executive. The legislature is composed of members of parliament who are appointed by the citizenry directly. This is the group that takes care of all legislation in the country.

They make laws which are to be applied in the country. The other branch of government is the executive. The executive is supposed to apply and enforce the law. Legislations which are passed by the parliament are meant to be used by the executive. The president is the head of this branch. The judiciary on the other end deals with the observance of the law passed by parliament. They are the once to ensure that the laws are applied as needed.

Brazil has borrowed most of its laws from the Portuguese. They have also borrowed some parts from the French. The Portuguese were the colonial master in Brazil, and that is why even their language is the main language in the country. Even in courts, the only languages used are English and Portuguese. There are few lawyers such as Ricardo Tosto who can deal handle representation in both languages very well. Such lawyers have an advantage over others since they can be hired by people from different corners of the world.

Ricardo Tosto has identified a niche in the industry. He is the go-to lawyer in matters of commercial law. He has mastered elements of the business law, and this is the reason he can navigate through the industry with ease. Ricardo Tosto is has represented many clients before, and in all cases, he has done very well. He has a very good winning rate for all his cases. Clients who have worked with him always recommend services to clients. His main goal whenever he takes up a case is to win on behave of the clients. Justice for his clients comes before anything else.

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