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The Success of Malcolm Casselle as a Cryptocurrency Expert

Malcolm Casselle is the current Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the renowned cryptocurrency company, OPSkins, an international entrepreneur, and the New Ventures President. He recently introduced a new platform, WAX which is aimed at improving the company’s services. Through the success of OPSkins, his ability to lead and transform assets into value has become very apparent.

His perception about WAX

Recently, Malcolm Casselle addressed the company’s next blockchain platform, Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) which aimed at facilitating the trade of virtual assets. According to the leader, the new platform will be able to address the issues of fraud and fragmentation. With the virtuality, users are able to make their complete transactions online without the need for intermediaries. This will not only make the transaction process affordable but also limit security concerns.

Similarly, with the current system operating on a fragmented market, there are limited transactions due to concerns related to payment processing, security issues, and language barrier. Thus, WAX is targeted to pioneer an application that will establish a frictionless market which permits both buyers and sellers to exchange their assets in a more secure and efficient manner. The platform is also considered a value used to acquire smart contracts and in-game items for purchasing, renting, selling, or trading of stocks.

About Malcolm Casselle

Before establishing his company, Malcolm Casselle had to work with several institutions. He worked in China where he led the Groupon’s P&L Group which he was able to generate a lot of revenues. Between 2013 and 2015, he served as the Timeline Tabs CEO. He has also been an advisor of 6 companies which he managed to uplift their performance.

During his time at MIT, Malcolm Casselle was focused on getting exposure to the Japanese language as well as developing knowledge in Computer Science. He also got involved in sports where he participated in downhill skiing, tae kwon do, and crew. He became certified by the age of 17 as a degree holder in the electron microscope. He also worked together with Bell Laboratories where he did experiments relating to semiconductors. His professional experience has greatly influenced his reasoning at the management level.

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