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TMS Health Solutions Is At The Cutting Edge Of Outpatient Psychiatry

Based in Sacramento, California, with locations throughout Northern California, including Burlingame, El Dorado Hills, Oakland, Roseville, Sacramento, and San Francisco, TMS Health Solutions is an outpatient psychiatric group practice that offers comprehensive psychiatry services for people with clinical depression and other mental health conditions such as memory disorders associated with mild cognitive impairment or mild dementia some of the population may experience as they age. TMS Health Solutions was founded in 2007.

The treatment provided to patients continually utilizes new and groundbreaking methods including medication, therapy and transcranial magnetic stimulation or TMS therapy to patients suffering with clinical depression. Short, intense magnetic impulses are sent to the brain, which produces changes in the activity of the neurons by stimulating areas of the brain that are underactive and suppressing areas that are overactive.

Patients are considered to have clinical depression if they experience at least two weeks of low mood that affects all aspects of a patient’s life including sleep, eating and working. Clinical depression is experienced by 6.7% of the population, according to the Center For Disease Control and about 40% suffer from treatment-resistant clinical depression that doesn’t respond well to medical treatments. TMS therapy along with antidepressants and therapy can be effective for those with clinical depression. 50% to 60% of patients do experience positive results from TMS therapy.

TMS therapy is an FDA cleared procedure that produces no systemic side effects that many medications can cause. Side effects that have been reported are mild and include headaches, lightheadedness and tingling about the head and face. While the procedure may not eliminate the need for antidepressant medication, it can mean lower doses of medication which would bring a reduction in the side effects that some medications cause.

Dr. Richard Bermudes is the founder and Medical Director of TMS Health Solutions. He is a proponent and educator for TMS therapy. Dr. Bermudes has a background as both a professor and a researcher. He earned his medical degree from University of California San Diego School of Medicine. He did his residency at University Hospital – University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.